And Where Were You During the Loot?

I can ask more critical questions like: Why couldn’t we resist it? Was it about the hype that’s been created around the show? Or was it something else that we didn’t know but feel instinctively?..

Let’s dive into the possible reasons why we couldn’t take our eyes of this South Korean TV Thriller. 

Why Squid Game Is So Popular
  • Clothing

Just think about La Casa de Papel. The red jumpsuits, masks… Do these ring a bell?

I am sure they do. The color red and all that mystery behind the masks and the jumpsuits that are used in both TV series is not a coincidence.

The creators of Squid Game are good observers and they wanted a piece from the magic formula…

  • Korean Wave

Have you ever heard about the Korean Wave phenomenon? It’s all about the rising global popularity of South Korea in recent years. In many topics like K-pop, K-Drama, South Korea movies, technology, cuisine, language… It’s everywhere! The whole nation is like a number 1 hit song in the hot 100 charts.

So, after K-Dramas, now it’s the time for K-Thrillers!

  • “What Would I Do” Feeling

What would I do on that glass bridge? Would I push anybody? Would I risk my life for the people I just met? Would I be a good person under stress? Would I become a monster?

What would I do if I were there? Simple as that. Creating this feeling is one of the keys to success in the world of TV shows. 

And Squid Game gave us that feeling from the very beginning of the show.

  • The Hunger Games & Survivor Format

Competitive people who are fighting for food and the big price. And their “touchy” stories behind the curtain. This format is now so popular that it will keep getting duplicated in different forms. 

Maybe evolutionary-wise we like to watch people who are fighting for their lives and futures.

“Go eat that chicken and take all that money. It’s all yourrs! Whaaaa!”

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