Are You Dancing With Murphy's Law?

Is Karma treating you well? Or are you dancing with Murphy’s law everyday? 

How many unexpected bad things happen in a day? In a week? In a month? In a year? Are you breaking all-time records? 

Is Karma a really a bitch? This Karma quiz will help you find out…

Let’s test right here right now if Karma is your ally or your enemy :)

How Is Your Karma?


Wow! Karma is definitely your ally! Lucky you!

Don’t worry! Things can change and you can be friends with Karma again! For now, be careful with Murphy :)

#1 Do you stub your toe often?

#2 Did you ever scratch your brand new car?

#3 Did you ever lose your overaged diary?

#4 Did you ever become a serial yawner in a very important meeting?

#5 Did you spill liquids on your Macbook Pro?

#6 Did you ever burp on your first date?

#7 Did you make typos in your CV?

#8 Did your clients hate your masterpiece?

#9 Did you get sick before a very important deadline?


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