Are You Dancing With Murphy's Law?

Is Karma treating you well? Or are you dancing with Murphy’s law everyday? 

How many unexpected bad things happen in a day? In a week? In a month? In a year? Are you breaking all-time records? 

Is Karma a really a bitch? This Karma quiz will help you find out…

Let’s test right here right now if Karma is your ally or your enemy :)

How Is Your Karma?

#1 Do you stub your toe often?

#2 Did you ever scratch your brand new car?

#3 Did you ever lose your overaged diary?

#4 Did you ever become a serial yawner in a very important meeting?

#5 Did you spill liquids on your Macbook Pro?

#6 Did you ever burp on your first date?

#7 Did you make typos in your CV?

#8 Did your clients hate your masterpiece?

#9 Did you get sick before a very important deadline?

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