Do you feel like closer and closer to Japan as you drink Sake? Do you talk about Japan while you are drinking sake? Are you interested in Japanese literature? When the Japanese novel characters drink sake, do you feel like opening a bottle? Do you feel like wearing the local clothes and wandering around in a small Japanese city with a mini bottle in your pocket? Do you like to talk about Sake?             

Ok, let’s see if you really like sake or not :) This quiz will test your knowledge about sake and will certify you as a sake expert if you pass! Let’s go!


Are you Japanese? You are a Sake expert! Congratulations!


You need to go to Japan and learn more about Sake :)

#1 Which one are the 4 main ingredients in sake?

#2 Is sake fermented like wine and beer or distilled like vodka and whisky?

#3 Sake is more acidic than wine!

#4 Average alcohol content of sake?

#5 Real name for sake in Japan?

#6 Meaning of Nihonshu in Japan?

#7 Sake is pasteurized

#8 Sake has sulfites

#9 Sake has hundreds of aroma and flavor components like wine

#10 Anything that you can taste or smell in a wine you can find in sake

#11 Sake has higher histamine levels than wine

#12 Sake is 80% water!

#13 Sake can be served at…


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