This Cat Quiz Will Surprise You!

Do you always think about cats? Do you buy gifts for cats? Do you wonder how they are doing while you are working? Do you know their birthdays? Do you chat with cats? Do you watch cat movies, cat documentaries, cat cartoons? Do you visit countries where there are so many cats on the streets? 

How Much Of A Cat Person Are You Really

Ok, ok! We know that you are a cat person :) But do you know how much of a cat person you really are? This quiz will help you to find out. Let’s start!

#1 What is the scientific name of cats?

#2 Ancient Egyptians may have first domesticated cats as early as 20,000 years ago

#3 Cats are particularly effective at

#4 Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees

#5 A cat can see directly under its nose

#6 Cats conserve energy by sleeping for an average of

#7 On average cats live for around

#8 Ailurophile means?

#9 A cat called Félicette went to space

#10 Cats can taste sweets

#11 Early Egyptians worshiped a cat goddess and even mummified their beloved pets for their journey to the next world


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