Producing Better Work

How to be more productive is a “make or break” topic since we all have limited working hours. 

Balancing life and managing stress levels is crucial to reach a certain goal and we need to determine our tactics and strategies accordingly.

Let’s talk about how to increase our productivity and make our days more meaningful in terms of producing better work.   

How To Be More Productive Make It Or Break It Tips For 2019

How To Be More Productive By Having A Creativity Hub

how to be more productive tips

Creativity can be learned. Like building a muscle, you can work on your creativity and make it better day by day.

No matter what you do in this life, you need creativity to make it better.

I am not talking about hacks and shortcuts that you learn from books, blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts… I am talking about creating your own ways to solve specific problems to reach specific targets. 

Creating a “creativity hub” in your brain and trusting this hub to help you solve any problems that you come across in your daily life will make you stronger.

How to be more productive by using creativity is an important topic and it’s worth to reserve some time every day for this topic.

How To Be More Productive By Dancing With Time

If you are a morning person, try to wake up as early as possible. Waking up earlier than “usual” makes a huge difference in the daily productivity of an early bird.

First of all, it’s quiet! No phone calls, no tv ads, no car horns…

No noise pollution!

No distraction.

Maybe birds are singing but it’s lovely right?

It’s amazing to see how good brain functions early in the morning and how much work can be done without getting bored. Just imagine that you can wake up two or three hours earlier than usual. I believe you will finish the ugliest part of your daily work in these two or three hours.

More importantly, it will be fun to work since you know that the whole world is sleeping and you are taking steps to reach your goal.

I woke up at 5.00 AM to write and edit some parts of this post. I am a morning person and I learned how to be more productive when I realized that mornings are the “solution” for me.

If you are a night owl, try to organize your life accordingly and clean the technological mass such as emails and phone calls before the night, just to be able to sit and concentrate on your work at your precious night hours. 

I respect people who can work efficiently at late hours and sometimes I wish I could change my “magical” hours but it is not possible. You are either a night owl or an early bird. Nothing in between. And you can’t change this. So, the best thing is to be ready for work at the magical productive hours. That’s how to be more productive by dancing with time.   

How To Be More Productive By Planning

being productive with planning

Choosing targets, setting goals… “planning” how to reach success is important to make progress in your life. 

Wasting resources without a plan will kill productivity.

Use a planning tool like Trello, use a pencil and a white paper, use a blackboard, use a pinboard, use anything that will be useful for targeting the right goals and make efficient planning.

If you are going to write a blog post about “How To Be More Productive” next week, write down your title and subheadings today. This way, you will start thinking about the topic and make some research.

I planned to write about this topic for on July 4, and I started to write it on July 11. This one week was more than enough for me to get ready for the post.

Of course, this is a short term goal, but short term goals affect long-term goals in a positive or negative way depending on your planning skills. So, planning is the best teacher for “how to be more productive”.

How To Be More Productive By Breaking Bad Habits

You like drinking coffee before you start working. If drinking more than one coffee before you work damages your productivity, have only one coffee. This means you should know how your body reacts to your habits. 

The same with smoking. If you smoke while you are working and if it gives you a headache after some time, then you should stop smoking while you are working.

Let’s say, eating too much on lunchtime makes you sleepy in the afternoons. It is obvious that this habit kills your productivity. The good thing is you can change it easily. When you realize that you are much more productive after “light lunches”, you will double your productivity by just eating less at 12.30 PMs.   

If you planned to work on Monday and Thursday nights and if your friend invites you to a party on Thursday night, it’s your call. Saying “no” to your friend is not rude, if you explain your goal and why you have to work today. If he or she is a good friend, they will understand and respect your plan.

Habits have a determining role in how to be more productive. Study your habits and change them for your needs.  

How To Be More Productive By Doing Sports

doing sports

Doing sports will increase your productivity. This is a fact and it is not open to criticism. 

A forty-five-minute walk can give you a bunch of new ideas. Thirty minutes of swimming can totally recharge your brain and can make you a creativity machine. Cycling in the forest for an hour can create a new you. Walking on the shore can make you happy and reduce your stress level significantly.

As we “sit” more and more in our daily lives, we tell our brains that “hey, no need to worry about productivity, take a good nap and I will see you soon :)”

Enjoying sports and exercises is also important. Trying to enjoy something sounds “ok” but that “trying” verb is kind of pushy. “Discovering” a sport that fits your soul is much better.

If you like competition, team sports can be a better fit for you and you will feel much better after an hour of challenging basketball match.

If you like solo activities, individual sports like swimming will give you what you need.

Sports and exercises are catalyzers of “how to be more productive”. They will not only increase your productivity but they will also boost your self-confidence. They will put smiles on your face. They will recreate your mentality. And they will give you a better functioning brain.

How To Be More Productive By Using Tools

using tools

You can use technology to hack your productivity. For example, you can turn the note-taking tool “Evernote”, into a productivity tool by creating ideas for your work when you are on the road. I wrote the topic and subtopics of this post using this app when I was walking in a park.  

If you get used to being more productive on the road, you will spend less time in front of the computer which is a miracle for some people.

Try to adapt to new technologies which will set you free. If you don’t like to write with your mobile phone, try a different model. Maybe a wider screen will give you a better feeling about it. Or maybe you can try a tablet and see how it goes.

It’s all about finding the right tools which will help you to be more productive. If you are bad with time management, find a time management tool that works for you. Try to understand where you “lose time” and make positive changes in your daily life to end that problem for good. 

Let’s say you lose so much time in traffic and the time management tool tells you that you spend 2 hours and 45 minutes a day on average in traffic. In this case, it is obvious that you should change something. 

You can change where you live or you can change where you work or you can stop driving and take Uber and work on the backseat to be more productive.

Or if you use public transportation, you can prepare a reading list and do most of the reading on the road.

Tools will help you to discover your habits and they will let you change your habits in a positive way so that you can be more productive in your daily life.

You can also have a look at the blog post I wrote about business tools for growth. You will find some useful productivity tools in this post.

How To Be More Productive By Changing Location

changing location

Working at the same place harms productivity sometimes. If you are bored of sitting at your table at the same time every day, then you can try to make some changes.

Try to work in a different room, near the seaside, near a lake, on the green grass of a nice park, in your favorite cafe, in your mother’s house, in your friend’s garage… anywhere you feel fresher.

Or if you have the flexibility to leave your “office” and work at the same time, do it. Go to the heart of the city. Visit some astronomy museums and work in the cafe of the museum when you have your motivation ready in your pocket.

Drive. Take the train. Hike. Make any location changes you want and feed your source of inspiration. It will change how you think. It will change how you see your daily problems. It will change your solution perspective. It will change the way how your thinking machine (your brain) works. It will show you how to be more productive.

How To Be More Productive By Changing Topics

changing topic

If you are feeling stuck and if you can’t make any progress on a certain topic, change the topic. Work on something that is completely unrelated to that topic.

For example, if you are working on a blog post and you can’t write more after the fifth paragraph no matter how much you try, stop trying to write something. Work on your marketing project and your brain will say “thank you for giving me this new task, I don’t want to write today”.

This is not about multitasking. This is about choosing a topic that you can perform well in those specific hours of the day.

Of course, jumping from one topic to another repeatedly is also not efficient. And there is no magical formula for this.

If you are having a hard time to concentrate on your daily tasks and if this problem repeats every day, then you should consider having a break. Yes, I am talking about going on a holiday :)

How To Be More Productive By Taking A Vacation

taking vacation

Skipping the holiday is a bad idea. You worked hard for a long time. Your body and your brain tells you to “go”. 


Nothing will be better if you stay for more.

Go and give some excitement to your own creativity hub by visiting ancient theatres, Mediterranean coasts, Asian cities…

Follow the drumbeat of your heart. You need this like you need oxygen. You need this like you need water. You need this like you need food.

This is about feeding the source of inspiration. Don’t be afraid to change. Encourage yourself to change. You never know what your vacation will tell you about your life. 

A holiday is a mirror most of the times. You look at your life as a stranger and see the hidden problems and solutions in seconds. And this happens in the weirdest place that you could never ever expected to be in.

A vacation is a driver of “how to be more productive” and it drives you to wherever your existence really needs to be.

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