The Paper Is The New You

How to write better: Try to change the world.

How to change the world: Try to write better.

You are what you write. Your letters are your blood. Your words are your face. And your sentences are your voice. 

The paper is the new you. You wear a piece of paper to tell the world: “Hear me. Now!” 

If you want to change even the slightest thing, you need to write better.

So, today, let’s talk about how to write better.

how to write better tips and tricks

How To Write Better By Playing With Words

how to write better tips and tricks list 2019

Break the words. Cut them into pieces. Turn them upside down. Give them a totally different meaning. Combine two words and make a new-born. Change the chairs of the letters. You can do all of these if you can explain to the reader what you are after. 

No, you are not making fun of your readers. You are loving what you write and you are after a creative writing universe. And you promise that, when you play with the words, nothing will be meaningless. In fact, their new meanings will be striking. Slap-guaranteed words…

Don’t overuse them. Like using slang, you should use them at the right place, at the right time. It will be a gun if you do it right. It will be a clown if you misuse it.

You have strong fingers. Being strong can be toxic. Reread your text. If you read it aloud, you will feel the problem. Suck the poison and spit it out. You don’t want to hurt your words. You just want to create your own creative hub.

How To Write Better By Invading A Fridge!

Own a place. Invade a place. Make a place yours to write. 

Unplug a fridge, empty it, wear a headlamp and you have your own room to write.

Yes, I am kidding. No, I am not kidding.

It doesn’t matter if I am kidding or not. Do you have a place to write?

How To Write Better By Reading Books

You can think that this is a no brainer but it is not

We like to write. But we don’t like to read. 

These words are not going to the “reading will enrich your inner beauty” bus stop. 

That bus stop is an over chewed gum. You need to step on that gum and you need to hate it. Then find a way to remove that gum from your shoe. Clean your shoe. Throw the oxidized internet doctrines out of your system. And try to really understand why you have to read.

The gum trouble will show you how to write better.   

How To Write Better By Finding Your Style

We all have favorite writers. You can write like them in the beginning. It’s ok! It all starts like this. As you write, this will change. And you will feel the change.

If you try enough, you will realize that you have your own writing style! Take care of it. Feed it. Water it. Grow it. Make it better. Don’t make fun of it. Don’t play with its DNAs. Don’t blame it because it doesn’t look like other great styles.

Your style is your style. It’s unique like a fingerprint. It’s a child in you that will never grow up. It will create cool problems that you will enjoy to solve all your life. 

In short, finding your writing style is one of the cornerstones of how to write better.

How To Write Better By Writing Every Day

It’s like walking. We know that we will wake up and walk in the morning. And we don’t have a problem with it. Same with writing. It should be repeated every day naturally. 

Yes, writing is like growing a muscle. If you stop, it will dry up.

“Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.” – Ovid

So, how to write better: Keep on writing!

How To Write Better By Coping With Criticism

Every person in this world doesn’t have to like what you wrote. Negative feedback and harsh comments will come.

If there is something to learn from them, you are lucky.

If it’s all about trash talk, don’t even bother. Some people are just talkers, ignore them. 

So, how to write better: Don’t feel blue with negative feedback. Go on and do what you have to do. 

How To Write Better By Learning A New Language

Learning a new language will give you a new playground. You will learn hundreds of new words and you will use them in your texts by saying, “this verb means this in Spanish and we don’t have a word like this in English”. Maybe you will talk about why that verb is missing in English and talk about the cultural differences…

Learning a new language also reminds people about the beauty of language. If you love words, you will fall in love deeper with a new language. Opening new windows to the world by just diving into another culture is amazing. 

So, how to write better: Change the language sometimes! 

How To Write Better By Carrying A Notebook

It is amazing how the brain functions when you are on the road.

The train example: It doesn’t go slow. It doesn’t go fast. It has a relaxing sound. You see houses, fields, animals, mountains from your window. You are not stressed. You don’t have any obligation. You don’t need to rush anywhere. You are an imagination machine…

When you are on the road, words come so easy and sometimes they even make a laser light show in your brain. Carrying a notebook will give you the chance to take advantage of this fertility rain.

How To Write Better By Visiting Museums

Visiting museums, historical places, archeological sites will give you hundreds of new words. You will learn with passion and this learning game will start new writing chapters in your mind.

Let’s say you are visiting an ancient city. You will learn about the history of the place, geographical position, endemic plants, and animals… You will see the ruins, you will touch the stones, you will walk where people walked thousands of years ago…

Normally, we do not learn like this. We read or watch or listen but we do not see the actual place. We don’t wear it, we don’t breathe in it. The brain loves this new experience and it starts to have so much fun. Lots of new information without being bored. This will make you more productive when you turn back to your table.

Watching documentaries is another way, but I must say, visiting these kinds of places is by far the most effective way to play with your mind and it definitely teaches you how to write better. 

How To Write Better By Writing Better Headlines

A better headline means a better text. If you love your headline, you will get emotionally attached to the text. Loving what you write determines the success of the text. 

So if you think that your headline rocks, you write more with greater passion. That’s it. It is the easiest way to make a good start.

On the opposite side, a boring title is a bad start. It is a fun killer and it won’t take you anywhere that is close to the “creativity” land.

Subtopics are also important. They will grow the fire in you. Each well-written subtopic will give you the excitement you need to carry on the good work… 

So, if the question is “how to write better”, the answer is “take a look at your topics!”.

How To Write Better By Writing A Good Opening And Conclusion Paragraph

The reader will “stay” with a good start. They will not go anywhere and they will read the next sentence and maybe the next-next sentence, and maybe the next-next-next sentence… and maybe the whole text, but it all starts with a good punch.

The conclusion paragraph is just the opposite. The reader will go. The hack is will they remember you? With a boring conclusion you say:

 “Don’t come back again! Never!”. 

So, how to write better: start a fire at the beginning of the text, and throw the fire to the reader at the end of the text.

How To Write Better By Knowing When To Stop

Don’t try to write if you don’t feel like writing. If you go on writing, whatever you write will be piss-poor. Plus, people can smell that you are half-hearted. Your words will give you away.

Yes, writing every day is important but there are exceptional days. You will recognize this “bad day” immediately when you see one.

So, sometimes, not writing anything is how to write better.

Also, if this unwillingness continues, then it means that you need to have a break. Stop writing for at least one week or two, and have fun doing something else. Don’t think about writing, do not attempt to take notes, just drop the pencil… 

Your brain needs regeneration and you can only do this by doing the opposite. The opposite of work is… you know what I mean.

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