You know IMDb’s top 5 movie list. In case you don’t remember, we share it below our list. 

Today is the day to make our own list. So here is our top 5:

1. Contact

“On IMDb’s list, the 1’st movie is “The Shawshank Redemption“. Our number one is “Contact”.

2. Life Is Beautiful

“On IMDb’s list, the 2’nd movie is “The Godfather”. Our number two is “Life Is Beautiful”.

3. Scenes From a Marriage

“On IMDb’s list, the 3’rd movie is “The Godfather: Part 2”. Our number three is “Scenes From a Marriage”.

4. Funny Games

“On IMDb’s list, the 4’rd movie is “The Dark Knight“. Our number four is “Funny Games”.

5. Das Boot

“On IMDb’s list, the 5’th movie is “12 Angry Men”. Our number five is “Das Boot”.

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