IMDb Top 250 Quiz

Your friends call you to learn your opinions about movies. 

You are known as “the movie guy” or “the movie girl”. 

You know so much about movies that they call you “the movie library”. 

IMDb is your home. And nobody knows your home better than you!   

Testing Your IMDb Top 250 Knowledge

Let’s test your IMDb top 250 knowledge and see if you know about all the rooms of your house or not :) Let’s start the IMDb top 250 quiz:

#1 Which one is number 1 in top 250?

#2 Is “Double Indemnity” in the list?

#3 Is “Schindler’s List” in the top 10?

#4 Is “The Truman Show” in the top 30?

#5 Is “Contact” in the top 250 list?

#6 Is “Swades” in the top 250 list?

#7 Which one is the 2’nd movie in the top 250 list?

#8 Is “12 Angry Men” in the top 3?

#9 Is “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in top 10?

#10 Is “Joker” in the top 250 list?


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