Inhuman Resources Netflix Quotes: Becoming a Survivor!

Inhuman Resources Netflix quotes gave us the dark emotions of a man who is unemployed for a long time.

These quotes also put us into a “survivor” mood and make us rethink our lives. 

Here are some strong quotes from Inhuman Resources Netflix:  

Inhuman Resources Netflix Quotes

I have never been a violent man. I lose my temper sometimes, like everyone. But to go that far? 

When I saw how angry I was, I got scared. But it was too late.

I was what they call a “senior”. On the job market, a senior is the last guy you hire and the first one you fire when there are lay-offs.

After my lay-off I went from denial to doubt. And guilt, obviously.

But after six years of unemployment… I reached a sort of cold anger. Like a raging terrorist!

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