The Magic World of Writing!

This writing quiz will let you travel in the land of words.

Are there any diseases about writing? Who had these diseases in history? Can we be addicted to some words?.. 

Let’s start our writing walk!

Writing Quiz

#1 Which one is true about writing?

#2 Which one is a symptom of dysgraphia (inability to write coherently, as a symptom of brain disease or damage)?

#3 Who suffered from dysgraphia and dictated her work to another person?

#4 What is this: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”?

#5 Ghost words originate from

#6 Best-known example of a ghost-word is

#7 In January 2018, The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announced that

#8 When we want to give ourselves more time to think or to emphasize a point, we use

#9 Over time, crutch words become unconscious verbal tics!

#10 A good example of a crutch word is

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