Which jobs are hot in 2022? In which sectors you should invest your time and energy in 2022? Careerwise, would it be wise to dance close to artificial intelligence or should you just stay away from it?

Let’s talk about the jobs of 2022 and why should we be wiser than ever with our career choices?  

Big Data Analyst

Yes, big data knows everything about us. And, yes it can sell anything to us! This topic is very trendy right now and it seems that it will not lose its popularity for a very long time. So, investing in a big data career will be a wise move in 2022.

Machine Learning Engineer

You know that AI is so close to invade “our world”. And machine learning is the ABC of artificial intelligence. So, being a machine learning engineer is almost guaranteeing a high paying job in the coming years. Thus, investing in a machine learning career will be one of the right moves for 2022 for many people.   

Drone Pilot

Drones are everywhere. They already took over many jobs and it seems that this movement will not slow down at least for a decade or two. Being a drone pilot is also a hot job topic these days and the wages are very satisfactory. Just be careful, AI might also take over this job not in the long run, but maybe much sooner…

Solar And Wind Energy Technicians

We need clean energy. And we do raise our voice for renewable energy. The earth – the old pal – can’t keep up with our stupid “technological” pace. The damage will be irreversible soon and also it is not romantic to walk under acid rains!

So the world needs people to work in the clean energy industry. The demand is huge and it seems that it will not fade for a very long time. So, careerwise, making a “clean move” in 2022 is just wise.

Full Stack Developer

This is no new topic. We still do need developers very much. Schools couldn’t answer the demand of the high-tech industry and all kinds of developers, especially full-stack developers are favored by big technology companies and startups. So, it’s still not late to invest in coding in 2022.

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