How Much Do You Know About the Korean Dramas?

K-Drama Quiz will beam you up to the tragically romantic world of the Korean Dramas that are invading the world TVs right now.

Your general knowledge about the K-Dramas will be tested with this Korean Drama Quiz now. 

Let’s start!

K-Drama Quiz

#1 Korean dramas are broadcast

#2 What is the Oscars for Korean movies and series?

#3 How many episodes do K-Dramas have usually?

#4 What is Dramabeans?

#5 Why are Korean dramas so popular?

#6 What is “lip press”?

#7 Where do K-Drama characters usually end-up?

#8 If the guy is rich in the K-Drama

#9 What is the possibility that the families of the main characters will approve their relationship in K-Dramas?

#10 What is one of the biggest “accidential” cliche in Korean Dramas?


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