Kayaking: Lively and Nature-Friendly Way of Living the Sea

This Kayaking Quiz will beam you up to the water sports world.

Kayaking is one of the most joyful and eco-friendly sports activities.

It also has the power to build team spirit. 

The word “explore” perfectly resonates with kayaking.

So, if you want to learn more about this amazing sport, let’s dive into it!

Kayaking Quiz

P.S. For some people Kayaking is not a sports activity but it’s a way of “living the sea”. Being there is enough sometimes. Isn’t it beautiful?

Let’s start the Kayaking Quiz!


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#1 The name “Kayak” means“

#2 Which one is true?

#3 Kayaking received the honor of Olympic status

#4 “Kleppers” (two man kayaks) have been used by armies during war.

#5 Atlantic ocean has never been crossed with a kayak.

#6 “Kayak” was first invented by

#7 Kayaks were originally made out of

#8 Generally, longer kayaks are slower than shorter ones.

#9 How Kayakers specify the strength of the river’s rapid speed?

#10 Germany, Russia and Hungary are in a big competition for gold medals in Olympic Games.


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