It’s great that another science fiction movie is in the top 250 IMDb list. But, of course, we will la la la about it. Here we go:


You can’t solve it. Just check your father’s watch!


You will lose decades in hours! This is Interstellar my friend, don’t you know?


You should learn headbutt techniques to strike your astronaut enemies in Space!  


You will never walk alone. No, not Liverpool F.C., of course you TARS! I love the way you walk!


Sending information to light-years away by using a watch! This was kinda “hmm I am not sure really, am I getting too much science fiction here!” scene.


“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” but a library is not just a library. Especially in Interstellar!


Find another world to live in. Then turn it into hell. This is the mission. (Doesn’t human mind work that way?)


There is loneliness in Interstellar. Your love is dead on another planet and you have no one else to love anymore? Wait for the end of the movie!

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