Lenox Hill Netflix Quotes: A Journey Between Life and Death

Lenox Hill quotes are coming from a hospital that makes a huge difference in appreciating human life.  

Doctors of this hospital are taking us to a very real and emotional journey.

A journey that exactly stands between life and death.

Here are some hard-hitting quotes from Lenox Hill Netflix series:

Lenox Hill Netflix Quotes

So, human being here, everybody. Eyes closed, deep breathe. A lot of craziness today, obviously. Let’s focus on the work. Let’s do a good job for this guy.

Lenox Hill was a sleepy, little Upper East Side hospital competing with some of the greatest health institutions in the world.  

You can not choose what comes at you here. It’s like the front line. 

We deal with death and dying. 

I don’t even dare to imagine what I’m gonna encounter on any given day. 

I think there is such a thing as a calling. This is the space I am supposed to be in. 

There is just so much emotional energy that goes into doing this. 

The pressure really is intense sometimes. It weighs on you.

Everything we do here is for the patient. Humanity, empathy. That has to drive the decision making. 

It’s a collage of people that come in. We take whoever, whatever. You have to come here with a really open mind of how these people are feeling. 

I want to work with populations medicine has traditionally neglected.

– Get angry.

– I can’t.

– Yes, you can. Listen to me. You can.


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