Are You A Good Planner?

If you don’t have long term goals, you don’t have a strategy. 

Setting long term goals will make you a better planner. 

And from idea to execution, planning will keep you emotionally fit. 

Long Term Goals For Online Entrepreneurs

Today, I want to talk about long term goals for online entrepreneurs. What is important for the long term? Why is it important? Long term goal examples…

Let’s start!

Long Term Goals For Online Entrepreneurs

Unique Content As A Long Term Goal

Content is your personality. Content is a barefoot heart. And you are brave enough to show your soul to the world.  

If you are good at your job, if you love your job, if you read enough, if you write enough, if you do what it takes to be a good person, if you respect life… then your content will be naturally unique and you have nothing to worry about.

In this case, just be yourself and create. Make it rich. Provide value. Use different types of content to explain yourself better. And love what you create.

Unique content will take you where you want to be. People smell quality. People just feel it. They see it in seconds. They hear you right away. They understand your heart. You did not hide it anyway. So do your best with your good heart and you will see the results. 

It is a long term goal because it takes time to create beauty. You better start today. Today is a good day to start.

Unique Brand As A Long Term Goal

Your brand shouldn’t be like “this” brand. Or “that” brand. Or like any other brand. Why? Because it is a long road and you can only stay strong with a dedicated heart.

I always say the same thing here in 

Do what is close to your heart. 

Sometimes short-term motivation is powerful but it won’t last without curiosity. To be curious you need to follow your own question marks, not other’s. 

You should concentrate on building an online brand that represents your vision.

Yes, every person is unique, but most people do not create unique work. You see those “copy and paste” online brands every day and I know that you ignore them. 

So, the best long term goal is building a unique online brand that your target audience can not ignore. This will make you feel better. You will believe in yourself naturally. You will believe what you do. You will be more self-confident. You will be ready to defend your products and services. You will be willing to talk about your solutions. You will ask opinions. You will study the feedback. You will be open to communication. These positive waves will make you a story surfer. You will be ready to live this story for a lifetime.

Isn’t it amazing to live in your story that you built with your bare hands?

Unique Audience As A Long Term Goal

People who really listen to you is a unique audience. They are not fake followers. They are not strangers. They are not cold. They are not uninterested. They are not bored. They are not willing to leave you alone… 

Actually, just the opposite… They are warm. They care about what you say. They answer your questions. They give you feedback. They are positive. They don’t act like they have no time. They talk with you like a friend. They follow your social media accounts, not because of ads but because they just want to know more about you.   

You have a responsibility here. You can’t fake it. You can’t pretend to provide value. You can’t lie. You can’t disrespect. You can’t be careless. 

A loved brand gives the right information, creates high-quality content, talks with the audience, produces high-quality products and services…    

Building a unique audience is a long term goal because people never trust you in the short term. You have to prove your worth to them and this only possible with providing value. You can do this by creating amazing blog posts, writing e-books, producing informative videos, recording podcasts, having Q&A sessions, running webinars…

Once you have an audience, you should listen to them, understand their needs, respect their lifestyle… They should feel that they are important to you. 

You will have a common story. They won’t leave you because they will not feel the same somewhere else. This is trust and it takes years to build it. So, building trust can only be a long-term goal.

Unique State Of Mind As A Long Term Goal

Only you know how to get there. You have already discovered your very own productive state of mind. You know your efficient hours. You know your weak moments. You feel when will it rain to your heart. You know when you can run faster than a bullet.

Your long term goal is to get the most out of your unique state of mind. You can be your own enemy by missing your productive hours. 

Not respecting your own way of working is… I can’t find a word for this. No word is enough to describe this…  

If you are a morning person and if you don’t wake up early, you kill your day. Killing a day brings demotivation and maybe you create bad weather for the whole week… 

If you sleep early to wake up early, don’t expect anyone to understand you. 

“Why are you sleeping at this hour?”

“Cause I love to work early.”


You have long term goals. You made a plan. You know your productivity hours. And you have to work hard in those hours to move forward. This is about no one. This is about you. So you are alone in this. Expecting support and understanding is wrong. If you have it, you are lucky. If you don’t have it, don’t search for it.

Once you make peace with your unique state of mind, you will be more efficient. You will have better time management skills. Your work stress will be lower. Your productivity will increase. Your creativity will reach its top levels. Your future of work will smile to you. You will feel much better. 

You need to create a new you that don’t listen to the old you. This new you is your only chance. This new you will help you to achieve your long-term goals. This new you is your reality if you want to be successful. Believe it. There is no other way.

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