Meditate to Have an Easier Day!

Meditation can help us to have an “easier” day by letting our emotions and thoughts pass over our inner system.

This meditation quiz will question your general knowledge about meditation. 

Let’s start!

Meditation Quiz

P.S. Maybe it also helps us to be better people. What do you think?


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#1 Global statistics show that across the world between

#2 Women are more likely to meditate than men.

#3 Meditation as a practice is thought to be around

#4 Meditation is not a religion.

#5 is the number one reason people take up meditation.

#6 Meditation can NOT improve memory and concentration.

#7 Many US airports are now introducing meditation rooms.

#8 The first written evidence of meditation was found in

#9 Myth or fact: You have to chant to meditate?

#10 There is no single posture you need to adopt in Meditation.

#11 Hiking or swimming can be a type of meditation.


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