Olive Is The Rock Star Here!

Mediterranean Cuisine Quiz will help you to question your healthy eating habits.

Mediterranean food doesn’t only mean healthy food but it also means yummy food.

And it all starts with the magic of olives.

Let’s enjoy the quiz! 

Mediterranean Cuisine Quiz

P.S. Mediterranean people sometimes drink olive oil. Olive has a deep meaning in this region :)  

#1 Mediterranean Diet was recognized

#2 Is it all about food?

#3 Which one feels more Mediterranean?

#4 It costs a lot to eat Mediterranean food: Myth or fact?

#5 Olive oil is a big “YES” in Mediterranean cuisine.

#6 Which one is true?

#7 For dessert in Mediterranean cuisine you eat

#8 Which one is more Mediterranean?

#9 Sugary, fruit-flavored yogurt is

#10 How important is breakfast in Mediterranean cuisine?


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