Not regular bread. Sourdough bread. Have you ever listened to a sourdough bread before? Yes, it sings! If you don’t believe me, just listen to these songs: 


A short but killing song from the sourdough bread. Hungry now?


You know I just can’t watch the video and listen to this sourdough bread. This is too hard for me. How is it goin’ for you?


I told you, this is not fair. We need to learn to make this sourdough bread asap. I feel like eating the sound…  


Ok. Sing! I am not listening. Is there also cheese inside the bread this time? Don’t do this to me! No! I will cry now. Leave me alone! 


This one is not a song. This is poetry. I would give my left arm to buy this sourdough bread right now! Hey artist, here is my arm, it’s all yours!


And now gymnastics sounds? This bread is playing with me!


Killing me softly with this song… Yes, do it. I am ready. This sourdough bread made me drunk I guess! My endless love…

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