Love to Solve Mysteries?

Mystery Lab Netflix is a Brazilian science & nature TV show.

Felipe Castanhari, an actor and director, takes us to the scientific solutions of big mysteries with his lab friends.

If you like scientific docuseries that are solving puzzles, this is your show.

Here are the details:  


Mystery Lab Netflix

Mystery Lab Netflix is using scientific methods to solve big historical mysteries.

From the Bermuda triangle to global pandemics, from time travel to wolves evolution…

The best part of Mystery Lab is the whole show is positive. The lab crew have fun when they are learning and explaining the most complicated events and you feel this energy throughout the show. 

Each episode in Mystery Lab Netflix solves a different mystery. And each topic is around 25 minutes. 

Netflix puts Mystery Lab under the category of “suspenseful” and “ominous” which I don’t agree on the latter one. The topics that are chosen are maybe ominous but the way the mysteries are solved is positive as mentioned above.

Let’s take a look at the Mystery Lab trailer now:

Mystery Lab Netflix Quotes

Mystery Lab Netflix quotes are coming from a young, energetic, harmonic and positive group.

These quotes are informative, funny and make you wonder more about the coming episodes.

You just want more which is a good sign for a science docuseries.

Here are some quotes from Mystery Lab Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

I was wondering if there is anything that could make a compass go crazy?

Did you know I made my first compass when I was seven?

The earth can be seen as a giant magnet because it’s surrounded by an enormous magnetic field. 

A few centruries ago the Bermuda Triangle was a feared area, and even considered haunted. But little by little we are unveiling its mysteries. 

We are lucky to be living in different times because we have an extremely valuable ally: science.

Some past explorers might say our scientific breakthroughs are witchcraft. But thanks to them, we’re more and more distant from the unknown, and closer to the truth.

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