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They say that “real life” begins when you go out of your comfort zone. 


What is real life? 

Why it’s called real life? 

Is the life in the comfort zone not real?    

Our Love and Hate Relationship With Comfort Zone

Ok, ok! I know what they mean about “real life”. I admit that I kinda live in a castle. Too much protection! I need to burn down the castle so that I can see what’s out there and experience different things. They say that you can only find your self when you start your own journey. Is this true?

Whenever I step out of my place, I’m pulled back in. I guess my comfort zone has a magnetic field that somehow works with me. 

And whenever I am pulled back to my old (!) place, I feel weird. I was supposed to leave this place, right? So what I am doing here? It looks like a different place to me now. And I don’t feel safe at all!    

This new situation makes me build a smaller comfort zone. It’s like a smaller room that no one can enter but me. It’s warm, quiet and safe. No more adventures! 

But sometimes I feel the need to talk to other people, learn their thoughts about life, and listen to their stories. These stories warm up my heart. I see that people fail and try again, fail and try again, fail and try again and there is nothing wrong with that. 

I understand that a comfort zone doesn’t have to be a physical place. It’s our perception of obstacles in life. It is the opposite of experiencing. It is standing still. Not trying. Being scared to fail. So I will try again and come back to my comfort zone when I am finished with my day. Comfort zone is not “my castle” anymore, it’s my home. And it’s called “home”. Like home sweet home. Not “comfort zone”! Yes, it is comfortable but it doesn’t have a magnetic field. No worries!  

I feel so good about ending our love and hate relationship with comfort zone. We’re all ok now. We are friends. No one is hurt. It is a beautiful day…  

But, wait a minute! Isn’t the world it self a comfort zone? The people who tell me to step out from my comfort zone, what do you say about this one?

When will you step out from your comfort zone? Maybe you are not living the “real life” here in this planet. Maybe you should go “up” to explore your own reality!  

So, when are you starting @ Nasa? Please let me know when you do. I will be watching you from my very comfortable TV zone!

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