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1. Transferwise

Transferwise is a PayPal alternative that you can send and receive money globally where fees are lower than the traditional methods. The system is easy to use,  transparent and there are no hidden charges. It is not possible to place payment buttons to your website and also Transferwise doesn’t have debit card in some countries.

Official Website:


2. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is changing the way how payments work on a global scale. Bitcoin is a form of electronic money which is not regulated by central banks. Using Blockchain technology, Bitcoin is not only a Paypal alternative, but it is an alternative to all kinds of payment systems that has ever been created, including paper money.

Official Website:


3. Facebook Libra

Libra is Facebook’s digital currency project that is planned to be released in 2020. Libra will be a stable coin. Unlike other coins, this will let people buy and sell goods and services globally without price volatility. Libra project is managed by the former head of Paypal. Libra is a Paypal alternative, but unlike PayPal, no bank account is needed for users. Libra will be working closely with established banking authorities. Libra is criticized by not being decentralized by the digital currency community. Privacy concerns will be the hottest topic for the Libra project in the coming months.

4. Ripple

Ripple also uses Blockchain technology to establish a global payment system. Ripple is making protocols with banks and more banks will use Ripple’s blockchain product and it’s digital currency XRP. Just like Facebook’s Libra, Ripple is criticized by not being decentralized. Ripple is considered to be the new banking system.

Official Website:


5. Payooner

With Payoneer, you can make an online money transfer and you can also request a digital payment from your global clients. Sending and receiving funds into your bank account is very easy within the system however users can not embed Payoneer payment buttons to their websites. Payoneer is a trusted and global PayPal alternative.

Official Website:


6. Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital payment system that lets Google users buy and sell goods and services across all devices including phones, tablets, and watches. The idea behind the project is “payment should be simple”. By just holding your phone over the payment terminal, you can pay for anything in seconds and you don’t even need to open the app for this. However, Google Pay is only available in 30 countries right now and it is a geographically limited Paypal alternative.



7. Stripe

Stripe makes it easy to make and receive online payments and it is a strong Paypal alternative. Stripe removes financial complexity and makes payments easy for its users. Many online business owners prefer Stripe in the western part of the world. Just like Paypal, Stripe will be the “old technology” with the rise of blockchain technology. Stripe is available for business in 34 countries.

Official Website:


8. Patreon

Patreon is not a payment system. It is a crowdfunding membership platform where creators can build their own Patreon page and collect money from Patrons. It is an ongoing donation platform where one-time payments are not allowed. Patreon is a Paypal alternative for some creators since it helps to receive money. 

Official Website:


9. 2CheckOut

2CheckOut is a global payment system that allows online business owners to monetize their websites with different payment methods. 2CheckOut is a Paypal alternative with the trust it built over years in offering reliable services.

10. Skrill

With just using your email address and your password Skrill makes it possible to manage your global payments both for individual use or for business use. It is available for business use on a much wider geographical scale than Stripe and of course, this makes Skrill a strong PayPal alternative.

Official Website:


11. WePay

WePay is a JP Morgan Chase company that is focused on online payments for small businesses, large cooperations, and individuals. The company proudly uses the trusted image and the know-how of Chase to offer its services on a larger scale however it is only available in the United States and partly in Canada right now. This makes WePay a Paypal alternative only for very limited geography.   

Official Website:



No information on the website.

12. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is a famous payment gateway PayPal alternative. Users can make and receive payments with all major credit cards and more importantly, they can also use PayPal for their transactions. Unlike PayPal, it’s available only in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia.  

13. Amazon Pay

Amazon has a big name and it’s not hard for the company to establish trust in online payments. Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service that lets individuals and companies receive funds or make digital payments in some countries. It has no setup costs and users don’t have to leave the website and go to Amazon Pay’s web page during the payment process. New technologies such as voice shopping are offered for users. It is a PayPal alternative in only 18 countries right now which is a very limited number compared to PayPal and other global alternatives.

Official Website:


14. ProPay

Unlike Paypal, ProPay is only built for small and large companies to accept credit card payments online. Buyers have to enter credit card and debit card information during the payment process and this is a disadvantage since it raises some privacy issues. In terms of fees, ProPay is more expensive than PayPal. ProPay is a trusted brand and it is a PayPal alternative in 35 countries.

Official Website:



No information on the website.

15. Dwolla

Like Paypal, Dwolla is for sending and receiving money online both for individuals and also for companies. Dwolla is more cost-effective than Paypal since it completely removes the usage of credit cards and connects directly with the user’s bank accounts. Dwolla only works in the United States so it can only be a Paypal alternative in the U.S.

Official Website: 


16. Venmo

Venmo is created by Paypal for people who don’t want to carry cash in their wallets in their daily lives. The mentality is “nobody leaves home without a smartphone” so you can make your payments or send money to your friends or family easily with Venmo. More businesses started to use Venmo since the payment process is seamless from the customer side. Venmo operates only in the U.S thus can only be Paypal alternative in the U.S.

Official Website:


17. Worldpay

Worldpay is a full payment processing company with online card payments, gateway services, alternative payment methods, and fraud and risk management. Wordplay is cheap for high volume transactions, whereas Paypal is cheap for low volume transactions. Paypal is considered to have a better user interface. Worldplay is a well known and trusted Paypal alternative that operates globally. 

Official Website:



No information on the website.

18. Wirecard

Wirecard is a German Paypal alternative which operates in 26 locations around the world. It started to operate in 1999 and today it is continually expanding its operations geographically. Like Paypal, you can accept payments and make payments globally and the company also has a good reputation in the mobile payments sector. 

Official Website:



No information on the website.

19. Payza

If you are searching for a payment processing solution that both accepts credit cards and Bitcoin, Payza is the solution. Opening an account and sending money is free with Payza. Online business owners can embed payment buttons to their websites and receive funds globally. By offering Bitcoin, Payza is a global PayPal alternative.

Official Website:


20. Coinbase Commerce

If you want to accept Bitcoin and altcoins on your website with no fees, Coinbase will be your solution. You can integrate the system with Woo Commerce, Shopify, and Magento. Blockchain technology will change how the payments work so Coinbase is now a global PayPal alternative.



21. BitPay

Just like Coinbase Commerce, BitPay accepts Bitcoin for online payments. However, BitPay is more of a full crypto payment service including BitPay Visa Card where you can pay and receive money globally. As mentioned before, blockchain crypto payment solutions are considered to be a PayPal alternative and BitPay is definitely one of them.  

Official Website:


22. Tippin

Tippin is a project where Twitter users send and receive small amounts of Bitcoins called tips. Tippen is definitely not a PayPal alternative in the sense of scaling an online business however let’s not forget that PayPal is widely used for making small payments on the internet. If projects like Tippin works seamlessly and make life easier for people, they will bite more and more market share from PayPal every day. If I can pay for a service or send my friend some money from Twitter in seconds without leaving my favorite social media channel, why would I use PayPal? The world is changing ha? 

Official Website:


23. Gumroad

Gumroad is a platform where creators can build their own Gumroad websites, sell their digital and physical goods and receive payments globally. Gumroad users can receive funds directly into their bank accounts or into their PayPal accounts. Gumroad also provides tools to build an audience. It is also possible to engage with your audience and receive stats about your projects. Gumroad can be a PayPal alternative for some creators who don’t want to build and run their own websites and receive global payments directly to their bank accounts. 

Official Website:


24. Klarna

Klarna is a European born payment processing project which widened its operations to 14 countries globally after its foundation in 2005. “First try, pay later” option is where Klarna makes a difference. Online business owners can offer its customers options like “pay in 30 days”, “pay in 4 installments”. It is an innovative PayPal alternative also in North America.

25. QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers its customers to get paid by online, phone, on the go and recurring payments. The company claims to be 2x faster than its competitors in receiving funds globally. You can try the product for free for 30 days.

26. Braintree

Braintree is owned by Paypal. Where Braintree makes a difference from competitors and Paypal is, it offers PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay in a single integration. The technology behind the platform is strong since it is backed up by one of the biggest online payments system, PayPal. Braintree is a global PayPal alternative operating in 45 countries and in more than 130 currencies.

27. Square

Square is an all in one payment solution platform. The difference from the competitors is Square offers magstripes, terminals, stands, contactless and chips to accept credit cards. With magstripes, you can even receive payments in offline mode which is great for many online business owners. Square is more than a PayPal alternative with its continuous investments in technology.  

28. Payline

Payline offers mobile payment processing, retail payment processing, online payment processing, and integrated payments. You can integrate with popular solutions such as QuickBooks, Woo Commerce, Shopify, Magento, and Wix.com. It also offers contactless reader solutions like Square does.

Official Website:


29. Merchant Inc.

Full training on equipment, free technical support, all major credit cards, money appears in your bank account between 24 and 72 hours… Merchant Inc does more than PayPal does, which makes it a strong PayPal alternative.

30. Paylane

Paylane is an online payment provider and a global Paypal alternative. As a business owner you can sell in more than 30 payment methods and in more than 160 currencies. Mobile payment option, card data storage and recurring payments are other features that make Paylane different than its competitors. 

Official Website:


31. Paysera

You can open a free account, enjoy free transfers between Paysera users, send and receive money in 180 countries, receive instant transfer with Sepa Instant, use its debit card… These are the features where Paysera is strong as a Paypal alternative.

Official Website:


32. Popmoney

With Popmoney you can request money with just a phone number or an email address. Receivers don’t have to open a Popmoney account to receive money. Even you can’t use it to scale an online business, Popmoney is definitely a PayPal alternative in sending and receiving money between individuals and groups.

Official Website:


33. Selz

Selz is all in one e-commerce platform like Gumroad, where you can build a Selz website and leave all the technical details to the Selz professionals including online payments. Basically, Selz wants customers to concentrate only on growing their online businesses. If these features are important to you, then Selz is surely a PayPal alternative.  

Official Website:


34. Shopify Payments

Just like Selz, Shopify is also an all in one e-commerce platform. If you build a Shopify e-commerce page, you can accept credit cards directly with Shopify and you can enjoy lower prices.

35. Paymate

Online business owners who are operating in Australia and New Zealand can consider working with Paymate which is a good PayPal alternative. You can receive payments online, in person or over the phone. And you don’t even need a merchant account for that. 

36. Dash

Dash is digital money built with Blockchain technology. Dash is much faster than Bitcoin in transferring money with much lower fees. You can receive money or make mobile payments with Dash. With these features, it will be a PayPal alternative globally in the coming years.  

Official Website:


37. Litecoin

Litecoin is a PayPal alternative, a Bitcoin alternative and a Dash alternative since it is built with Blockchain technology that allows instant payments with almost no fees globally. As this peer to peer internet currency matures, more and more online businesses will prefer this platform.

Official Website:


38. Zcash

Zcash is a digital currency that makes a difference with “privacy”. Zcash transactions remain completely confidential which makes the currency a strong alternative to all payment systems that lack this feature. You can use Zcash to buy goods and services and the currency will be widely used as Blockchain technology moves forward. Zcash will definetely be a strong Paypal alternative in the coming years. 

Official Website:


39. BitcoinCash

For both micro-transactions and large business transactions, BitcoinCash offers a Blockchain-based solution. With low fees, it is a global Paypal alternative. And it will compete with any company which offers payment solutions.

40. Stellar

Stellar is an all in one payment solution and a PayPal alternative that was built with Blockchain technology. It connects banks, payment systems, and people and creates a new solution to make transactions with almost zero fees.

Official Website:


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