Stats You Need To Know To Survive On Pinterest

Learning Pinterest analytics is a must for Pinterest Business Accounts to improve the Pinterest Strategy.   

This Pinterest Analytics quiz will help you to have a broad view or to refresh your knowledge about Pinterest stats.

Let’s start!


Pinterest Analytics Quiz

P.S. None of the IAmInYourShoes quizzes are boring. Even a quiz about statistics can be fun on this platform :) 


#1 “Impressions” on Pinterest tells you:

#2 “Engagements” on Pinterest Includes:

#3 What Are “Closeups” on Pinterest?

#4 Each time someone saves your Pin:

#5 The Total “Clicks” Metric Counts How Many Times Your Pin Was Clicked:

#6 Video Views on Pinterest Shows:

#7 On The Pinterest Analytics page, “Top Pins” Are:

#8 If You’d Like To View an Earlier Date Range Than January 1, 2019 on Pinterest:

#9 If You’d Like To Export Historical Data That’s Not Available In The New Version of Pinterest Analytics:


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