Pinterest's Rhythm

Pinterest Creative Best Practices Quiz will help you to understand the best ways to use Pinterest for your brand and test your knowledge about the best practices.

Pinterest is a strong and reliable traffic source for brands who dance with the rhythms that Pinterest likes. 

So, let’s start the creative best practices quiz!

Pinterest Creative Best Practices

P.S. This quiz aims to clear your mind about the creative best practices for Pinterest. So this is a stress-free zone! Just enjoy the quiz!

#1 How to pick an eye-catching image on Pinterest?

#2 How to make your brand the focal point on Pinterest?

#3 How to give context on Pinterest?

#4 Which one is true?

#5 Avoid the lower right corner for your logo, since that spot gets covered up by Pinterest product icons.

#6 To tell a better story with text overlay on Pinterest

#7 If you’re running the same campaign in multiple countries

#8 We see top performance for videos

#9 Which one is true about Pinterest videos?

#10 For promoted videos

#11 Which one is true about the audio?

#12 Strong cover images for videos help Pinterest show your video to the right audience!

#13 Clear titles, descriptions and hashtags help your video get discovered in search.


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