IAmInYourShoes Interview

“Be patient. Follow your dreams. And live your life!”

Political Science Career Interviews

What Is Your Job Title?

Assistant Professor of political science.


What is your educational background?



How long have you been doing this job for?

I have been teaching for almost three years after completing my PhD.


What is your job description? Your duties?

Teaching which I like to name telling stories, doing research and writing.


Why/How did you choose political science career in academics?

When I was a sophomore at the university, I decided to become a modern storyteller. I was sure that storytelling would make me happy. So I decided to become an academician. My field was political science but in time I have developed an interdisciplinary stance and I believe it makes me intellectually richer.


Does your family have a role in choosing political science career in academics?

Yes, they supported me to the end. They might have had different dreams for me but I was stubborn enough to follow my way.


Did this career meet your expectations mentally and financially?

In financial terms, when I was doing Ph.D. no but later yes… I don’t make a lot of money but I am satisfied. In mental terms, I can not complain.

What mistakes did you make in your career path?

The process of finding a position at university lasted long and sometimes I was getting depressed. I should have lived the day as it was. Life always has positive and negative aspects together. When you can travel for months for academic purposes, you don’t have money to explore more. And then at some point, you have money but you cannot leave your job for traveling for a long time even for research purposes.


Do you sometimes question your career? Why?

I like my job but I might look for another career sometime… Why not? I secretly think of being a chef, writer, doll artist, tavern keeper… etc.


How hard is it for you to change your career?

I do not think of quitting my job for a long time… but I also like drastic changes… who knows?!


Can you describe what makes you happy/satisfied with your academic political science career now?

Being with young people all the time and getting positive feedback from them.


10 years from now?

I hope I become a professor and a writer… and maybe a tavern keeper at an Aegean town ( I have my dreams :) )


What motivates you to get out of your bed and start working every day?

To read, write and tell my stories.


What makes you sad in your academic political science career? Why?

Our classes are highly populated and that lowers our interaction possibilities with students.


How do you keep on learning? What is your secret to continuous learning?

I describe myself as a modern version of medieval story tellers. To have stories, I gotta read, travel and have questions for life in general.

Can you recommend a book, Ted talk/YouTube video/blog post/Twitter account for people who need inspiration/information?

In this digital world of countless possibilities, I don’t want to restrict anyone with my recommendations.


How do you make today better than yesterday?

By creating… It can be anything cooking, writing, making handcrafts etc.


Any pieces of advice to the people who will start a political science career?

I do not have interesting recommendations. Be patient, follow your dreams and while doing that live your life.

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