Do We Really Want It?

An “easy life” is a hard topic. We think we talked about it. We think we thought about it. We think we know about it. But it’s still a ghost, and most of us can not see it or feel it. 

If regular sentences don’t help us, let’s ask some questions. Maybe honest questions will kill the ghost and push us to reality.

Questions About Having an Easy Life
  • What is an “Easy Life”?
  • Does it always come with financial strength?
  • If we don’t feel financially secure, can’t we talk about an easy life?
  • Does eliminating stress sources help us to talk about an easy life?
  • What don’t we need to have an easy life?
  • Why don’t we need “what we don’t need” to have an easy life? 
  • If we can not eliminate some important stress sources, what can we do to have an easier life?
  • Can we really talk about “making life easier” with our family and friends? Or do we feel that the topic is lost in emotional translation when we talk about it?
  • Can we see “Easy Life” as a long-term project and walk slowly to our target day by day?
  • Would you enjoy planning an “Easy Life Project”? Would it be fun?
  • Would you be excited to talk about this project with your loved ones?
  • Do you think that sharing this project with your loved ones would create positive vibes in your life?
  • Won’t you enjoy surfing on these positive vibes?
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