Reality Z Netflix Quotes: They Are Coming To Eat Us!

Reality Z Netflix quotes are coming from a Brazilian horror series.

Like a virus spreading, a Zombie attack grows in Rio de Janeiro with lightning speed and participants of a reality show use a TV studio to hide from human-eaters! 

Here are some terrifying quotes from Reality Z Netflix series:

Reality Z Netflix Quotes

Good evening Brazil! Welcome once again to Olympus! It’s sacrifice time!

They might cancel tonight’s broadcast because of the rioting in the city.

The attackers are not technically alive. 

Look, this thing is spreading. We gotta get out of here, I am serious.

You always said that Olympus is a fortress, that you’ve built a self sustaining place with solar power, rainwater system and everything we need, we have to go there.

There is something horrible happening out there. It’s like sickness.

Do you really expect me to believe that there are bunch of dead people walking around?

– There are no more dead.

– My problem is with the living!


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