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In this post, we will talk about restaurant startup growth. 

And we will try to figure out the unconventional ways to grow a restaurant with Airbnb, Uber, Bitcoin, food events, Yelp and Amazon.

Let’s dive in.

How To Grow a Restaurant Startup: UNCONVENTIONAL Strategies [Guide]

1. Grow Your Restaurant Startup With Airbnb

We can use online marketplaces to pull the trigger of our restaurant startup growth. What about a hospitality service brokerage company with an online market place? Did you know that Airbnb users can also search for restaurants?

airbnb restaurant search

Why is this important?

Because Airbnb has about 60 million users globally. This is definitely an opportunity for a restaurant startup that wants to reach more people. 

Actually, this gives your restaurant startup a chance to reach people that you could never reach before. Airbnb community lives in the comment section and if you can steal the hearts of these people with good food and a cozy atmosphere, they will talk (write) about you. And they will tell the world that, “this is the restaurant that you are looking for if you want to have some good time with your loved ones”.

Check out the French Restaurant below. The last comment is made on May 3, 2019. And the previous comment was made on December 18, 2018. If this restaurant can increase the positive comments substantially, it will make a difference in the app. How can they do it? They can make small surprises for people who come from the app. It’s just about being creative.

airbnb restaurant map and description

For the restaurant business, Airbnb made a partnership with Resy. This means that you can list your restaurant in Airbnb search engine. You can see that only 650 restaurants are in the system right now. I think this number is very small because the partnership system is at the beginning of the road. It is good to be an early joiner and an early adapter in these type of systems since you can get more eyeballs to your restaurant startup page without facing a harsh competition.

airbnb resy partnership

Airbnb users spend a big amount of money on restaurants since they generally don’t cook in the places that they stay and they look for restaurants nearby.

airbnb restaurant partnership

I won’t prefer to cook in my Naples (Italy) holiday either. So if I will find my accommodation from Airbnb, I can also search for nearby restaurants with good comments. Why not? This is the mentality…

airbnb napoli restautant search

There is an application form on the partnership site. If you think that this is a growth opportunity for your restaurant startup, you can find the application page here.

airbnb restaurant application form

2. Grow Your Restaurant Startup With Uber

Uber launched Uber Eats in 2014. The idea is simple: Uber users order food from the Uber Eats app and Uber delivers the order as fast as possible. This means that the food delivery market will never be the same again. And it creates opportunities for restaurant startups.

uber eats home page

Why Uber Eats is important? Like Airbnb, Uber is huge. Actually Uber is a giant. Check out the numbers below. Uber really gives restaurant startups a chance to grow. And this chance is about reaching millions of people worldwide. We are talking about over 90 million active users!

uber user statistics worldwide

Users can easily search the restaurants from Uber Eats search bar and find a restaurant that is close to their location. Since Uber is known with having loyal customers, restaurant startups have a huge growth potential if they get listed on the Uber Eats search engine. 

uber eats restaurant search

So how can you list your restaurant on Uber Eats search engine? 

how to become uber eats restaurant partner

Here is the page that you can submit your application to get your restaurant listed in Uber Eats.

ubereats partner with us page

And here is the restaurant FAQs for the Uber Eats delivery system.

what is uber eats how does it work

3. Grow Your Restaurant Startup With Bitcoin

Restaurants that don’t accept bitcoin are making a global mistake! I am going to show you my search on Google maps and this will give you an idea about growing a restaurant startup with bitcoin.

I searched for “restaurants accept bitcoin” on June 26, 2019 and here is the result. In total, almost 10 restaurants pinned their names on Google map for the United States and Europe! Yes, we are talking about the USA and Europe. It is like a joke!

google map restaurants accept bitcoin

Why is it important? I have a sweat and sour answer to this question. Take a look at the Google user stats below and tell me one single reason why a restaurant startup doesn’t accept bitcoin and doesn’t list its name on Google maps? 

And I am proudly showing you a pizza restaurant below from Google maps (out of 6 restaurants in the USA!) that accepts bitcoin. This restaurant will always have an organic traffic advantage because it is the first restaurant that accepts bitcoin on that location and people are creating content about this situation.

For example, I am creating content about this restaurant right now. In time, these contents will make this restaurant rank number one on search engines on bitcoin+pizza searches for that location.

first restaurant in Reno that accept bitcoin

And here is a flyer that you can stick to the front door of your restaurant :) It is always good to spread the good news. Being the first restaurant in your location to accept bitcoin will create a story for you. Enjoy the story.

4. Grow Your Restaurant Startup With Food Events

Let’s continue with “Google opportunities” for restaurant startups since we are talking about 2 billion users!

If you can create a food event in your location, Google will again give you an excellent spot on the world map. This is an organic growth chance for restaurant startups because as you see below, again very few events are pinned on the Google map. I am sure that there are much more food events in the United States, but event creators did not list their names on the map.  

google search for food events
food events USA google map

I will share one of the events that are pinned on the map by the event creator. Food Truck Carnival is receiving organic traffic since people who are looking for food events in the USA gets all the details of the event with a single map search. And again, there are about only 10 events pinned on the map!  

Food Truck Carnival event time and date 2019

If you create content about a food event and list your event on Google map with your location, the images that you use in your content also shows up on images search. This means that people who search for “food events” with a specific location on an image search will easily find your event image and click it because your event is listed on the map with that location.  

food events images search google

Here you can find how to add your food event to Google.

how to add en event to google

You can also send your food event story to local newspapers and ask them to write about this on their web page. This way you will get listed on Google News search results. Google News loves news sites. Let’s give Google some news then.

This is how it looks like when your food event is listed on Google News search.

food events news search google

If you have a book about food and you want to use it for receiving organic traffic to your website, why don’t you list it on Google Books?

food events search for books google

Here is how you add your food book to Google.

how to add a book to google

5. Grow Your Restaurant Startup With Yelp

If you search for “food near me” on Google, you will definitely see a Yelp page on the first page.   

food keyword search google

Here is the first-page result of a “food near me search”. 

search for food near me google

Why Yelp is important for you? Because it has more than 100 million users that are obsessed with good food! We can call this an opportunity to grow your restaurant startup if you can get positive comments in the app.

yelp users search

You can add your business to Yelp on this page.

how to add a business to yelp

6. Grow Your Restaurant Startup With Amazon

It was a good startup restaurant growth opportunity but “Amazon Restaurants” is over. I keep this example here just to show that it is wrong to count on a single strategy. You could lose all of your leads in one day if you were solely dependent on Amazon Restaurants orders. 

Let’s talk about growth strategies and walk on this path together.

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