How Much Do You Know About Seinfeld?

Sienfeld Quiz will beam you up to the nostalgic world of one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms of all time.

Your general knowledge about this unique comedy will be tested with this Seinfeld Quiz now.

Let’s start!

Seinfeld Quiz

#1 Out of the four main characters, who is the only one to have never had an “inner monologue”?

#2 Steven Spielberg got so depressed while filming

#3 Sienfield characters

#4 Jerry Seinfeld was inspired to end the show after nine seasons

#5 According to it’s creators, Sienfeld is a show about

#6 Who’s death coincided with the Seinfeld’s finale?

#7 Every episode of the series except “Male Unbonding” begins with “The…”

#8 Many terms were popularized in the series’ run and have become part of popular culture such as

#9 Many Seinfeld episodes are based on

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