You Are Shoesing My Heart!

Shoes quiz will take you on a journey where shoes will rain on you.

Shoes are the status symbols, the first reason for shopping and the source of happiness for many of us…

This shoes quiz will question your love of shoes :)

Let’s start!

Shoes Quiz

P.S. “More shoes. More shoes. More shoes. More shoes…” If you are the one who is whispering, you are in the right place…

#1 There’s a scientific explanation why women collect shoes.

#2 Celine Dion has

#3 There was no difference between a left and right shoe

#4 Sneakers are called sneakers because

#5 The shoes that Neil Armstrong wore when he walked on the moon

#6 Men’s and woman shoes were the same

#7 Havaianas flip flops are inspired by

#8 Louis XIV was a short king so he ordered high-heeled shoes for men to wear!

#9 In 18th century, Marie Antoinette had almost

#10 Marie Antoinette wore high heels on the day she was executed on October 16, 1793.

#11 An average American woman has

#12 Which one is true?

#13 In China, one of the bride’s shoes is tossed from the roof.

#14 Open toe shoes were introduced in the 1930s because of


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