How Much Do You Know About Freud?

This Sigmund Freud quiz will refresh your knowledge about the life of the most famous neurologist in the world.

The founder of psychoanalysis changed our lives forever with his extraordinary life.

The word “boring” is definitely just the opposite of his story.

Sigmund Freud Quiz

If you score high on this Freud quiz, you can show off to your friends :) Let’s start!

#1 Freud’s death may have been a doctor-assisted suicide.

#2 Freud believed that smoking

#3 The book Freud considered his most significant work “The Interpretation of Dreams” was

#4 He went to England with his wife and his daughter because

#5 Freud’s mother Amalia favored him heavily over her other children

#6 Freud was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine 12 times and the Goethe prize once

#7 Freud thought

#8 Freud psychoanalyzed his daughter Anna throughout his lifetime.

#9 He regarded dreams to be

#10 Which one is true about Freud?


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