It's Amazing To Be 1 and Only: Happy Singles Day!

Singles Day quiz can help us understand where did the world’s biggest shopping day come from.

Sales day numbers, mentality, customs, and many other detailed questions and answers… 

Your Singles Day knowledge will be tested with this quiz now!

Singles Day Quiz

P.S. Don’t you think that our perception of the word “single” is changing in a “positive” way. More and more people are proud to be single these days. Maybe this Singles Day quiz will also change your perception…

#1 Singles Day is the

#2 Singles Day began as an

#3 Singles Day was started by

#4 The date 11/11 was chosen because

#5 The number “1”

#6 Singles Day generates more sales than

#7 The 1.6 million bras sold in the first hour of Singles Day in 2015

#8 Ironically, thousands of people in Beijing

#9 Singles Day

#10 More and more US retailers set to participate in Singles Day shopping festival every year!

#11 Alibaba sales on Singles Day in 2019?



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