The slow food movement… 

It’s about slowing down. Being quieter. Taking it easy. Rethinking about big city life philosophy. Understanding what we eat. Where they come from. Trying to learn the language of nature. 

Slowing down. Quieter… Shhh!

Put Your Hamburger Down And Step Away You Are Surrounded By The Slow Food Movement

It looks hard but it’s not. The slow food movement is almost in every city of the world and people get together to learn and share this philosophy. 

Can we slow down together? Can we eat slower together? Can we teach each other how to find and cook slow food? Can we be happier together? 

Yes, this is a “back to nature” movie: The story of “us” trying to get out of the flats and get to know the land again! Fortunately, we haven’t gone too far from ourselves! Have we?

There are great examples of slowing down and living well. Around the world, there are beautiful people out there who are the real friends of the soil, who can guide us and walk with us. 

Talking about Slow Food, “tastless” food may come to people’s mind, but this is a wrong thought. Can Italian pasta be tasteless? Yes, pasta is also a slow food if you walk with the slow movement :)

Terra Madre – Mother Earth Day is celebrated every 10’th of December around the world. People are now afraid of “alienation”… Being far from the soil is being an alien to your own existence, is that wrong?

Even in fast-pace cities like New York, you can see that “slowing down movement” is growing everyday. The speed of the city ages our body and our psychology. Learning to slow down is the biggest gift to ourselves. We have gone too fast recently! Haven’t we?

Let’s not be shy to ask and learn! We can learn how to eat and live better by researching, talking, and being curious. 

People who belong to this movement are positive people who loves sharing information. Learning from their experience means making new friends :)

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