Snowpiercer Netflix Quotes Came From a Revolution!

Snowpiercer Netflix quotes came from a train that carries the last humans on earth.

The quotes are strong because the rich expected the poor to serve endlessly.

And a revolution was born. 

Here are some quotes from Snowpiercer Netflix:  

Snowpiercer Netflix Quotes

Seven years ago, the world ended. Now the train is all that’s left.

First, the weather changed. In the final days of the Freeze, the rich retreated to an ark.

This is Snowpiercer. This is how we survive. There are those who have… and those who suffer.

– What do you see when you look at this train?

– I see a fortress to class.

Today we take this train and we march to the engine!

Mr. Wilford would like to address the rumors of disturbances in the Tail… Order will be restored!

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