The Joker Hype!

The official trailer was successful enough to make people wonder about the Joker movie.

And it created a hype!

All of a sudden everyone started to talk about Joker.

Let’s talk about some details, watch the trailer, listen to the soundtrack, check out the box office, see what’s up with the Rotten Tomatoes, watch and read interviews with the director and the main character… 

Here we go!

joker the movie
  • The movie takes place in 1981.
  • Joker’s laugh was the hardest part according to Joaquin Phoenix (Joker).
  • Joaquin Phoenix lost 24 kgs for the movie.
  • Besides the personal drama (mental illness and social isolation) of the main character, the movie touches issues like political corruption, the destructiveness of unemployment, cutback of social aids, crime cities…
  • It’s interesting that the anti-heroic character earns the support of the audience.  
  • The movie creates a “Hollywood delusion” of what is good and what is bad.

Joker Movie Official Trailer

Joker Movie Soundtrack

You can see in the social media comments that many people liked the soundtrack of the movie. You can listen to the songs here and decide if the commenters are right. 

Bad has reasons to be bad. Is this the new hype? 

Interview With Todd Philips (Director of Joker Movie)

Todd Philip takes us to the opening scene of the Joker movie and gives us hints about the darkness and the deepness of the main character.

Actually, the smile and the laugh is the main character of the movie. The meaning of being happy is bombarded with many references to deep deep depression and death.

Joker Movie Is Certified As "Fresh" By Rotten Tomatoes

It looks like Rotten Tomatoes users approved the Joker movie. The tweet above is the only tweet that’s liked by the official Twitter account of the movie.

It is true that social injustice creates bad lives. But finding sexiness and coolness in bad is… let’s say “naive”… 

"I Fucking Love My Life" - Joaquin Phoenix On Joker

You can find Joaquin Phoenix in the pool – in the Vanity Fair post above – and many more pictures of him…

We learn in the interview that his perception of life drastically changed after his brother’s death…

Stars of The Joker Movie

Stars of the movie:

  1. Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck (Joker)
  2. Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin
  3. Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond
All the characters are strong enough to feed the atmosphere of the movie.

Box Office of Joker

In total, Joker made 1,063 billion USD worldwide as of December 28, 2019. The budget of the movie was 55 million USD.

So, can we say that Hollywood found a new way of earning money? Take all the bad characters of history and make them shine. Make them one of us…

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