Have a Soup! Be My Guest!

The soup quiz can make you realize how magical is a bowl can be.

With some water and a few ingredients, you can not only feed people but also change their atmosphere. 

This soup quiz will question your faith in the soup :)

Let’s start!

Soup Quiz

P.S. Soup makes us better communicators. Haven’t you realized that people who are having soup together are more peaceful than the people who are eating hamburgers? Maybe soup will save us! What do you think? 

#1 How old is soup?

#2 Where did “No soup for you!” come from?

#3 The first soup made in the world was a

#4 Condensed soup was invented by

#5 Which one is the most popular soup in the USA?

#6 Soups are classified into two groups

#7 How long should I cook the soup?

#8 Can you overcook soup?

#9 Americans eat more than

#10 What is cold soup called?

#11 “Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart, and cannot make a good soup.”


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