How Much Do You Know About Starbucks Calories?

Starbucks calorie quiz will test if you are calorie-conscious or not :)

Starbucks calories are sneaky and we generally don’t realize “what happened” to our body after two hours of socializing with our friends!

Let’s count some Starbucks calories!

Starbucks Calorie Quiz

P.S. I will recheck this “Starbucks calories quiz” next time I open a Starbucks door. It is not easy to stay away from calories :)  

#1 Which coffee has more calories?

#2 Iced Lemon Loaf Cake

#3 Which bagel has less calories?

#4 Chocolate Croissant (Serving Size 80 g)

#5 Cinnamon Dolce Latte (Grande)

#6 Which warm sandwich has more than 590 calories?

#7 White Chocolate Mocha (Grande)

#8 Starbucks refreshers (grande) are generally

#9 Which Coffee Frappuccino has more calories?

#10 Which yogurt & custard has the least calories?

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