How Much Do You Know About Starbucks Calories?

Starbucks calorie quiz will test if you are calorie-conscious or not :)

Starbucks calories are sneaky and we generally don’t realize “what happened” to our body after two hours of socializing with our friends!

Let’s count some calories!

Starbucks Calorie Quiz

P.S. I will recheck this “Starbucks calories quiz” next time I open a Starbucks door. It is not easy to stay away from calories :)  

#1 Which coffee has more calories?

#2 Iced Lemon Loaf Cake

#3 Which bagel has less calories?

#4 Chocolate Croissant (Serving Size 80 g)

#5 Cinnamon Dolce Latte (Grande)

#6 Which warm sandwich has more than 590 calories?

#7 White Chocolate Mocha (Grande)

#8 Starbucks refreshers (grande) are generally

#9 Which Coffee Frappuccino has more calories?

#10 Which yogurt & custard has the least calories?


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