Thanksgiving Movies Makes You Cry&Smile!

Thanksgiving Movies quiz will beam you up to the magical world of holiday movies!

And, this Thanksgiving movie quiz will also question your general knowledge about the movies that take place in autumn :) 

Let’s start!

Thanksgiving Movies Quiz

#1 What is the name of the 25-minute animated classic that follows the Turkey Day traditions and festivities?

#2 When booksellers and business rivals Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox quickly fall into an e-romance.

#3 Sara asks Nelson to spend the month of November with her and promises that she will change his life for the better. No questions! No holding back! Absolutely No more than one month!

#4 Mythical romance that rises between British Captain John Smith and Native American Pocahontas…

#5 When a student agrees to take care of a blind veteran for the Thanksgiving break and ends up learning more than what college can teach him.

#6 The awkwardness that ensues when the main character invites her mother and estranged family to her tiny NYC apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.

#7 A group of puppies are stolen from a pet store by two thieves. One of them escapes and sneaks into the Newton family’s home…

#8 When her teenage daughter opts out of Thanksgiving, a single mother travels alone to her childhood home for an explosive holiday dinner with her dysfunctional family.



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