These Thanksgiving Questions Will Challenge You!

Thanksgiving quiz will beam you up to the Thanksgiving history, Thanksgiving traditions, and of course, to the Thanksgiving table!

Can you guess how many calories do people get on a Thanksgiving dinner? (Here you will find the answer :)    

So, this Thanksgiving quiz will question your general knowledge about this special day.

Let’s start!

Thanksgiving Quiz

#1 When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated and how long it lasted?

#2 Was turkey on the table at the first Thanksgiving?

#3 Sarah Josepha Hale, an American writer, convinced Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday

#4 Who was the first president to pardon a turkey?

#5 What is the average number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving?

#6 Which universities started the tradition of football on Thanksgiving in 1876?

#7 Which president refused to declare Thanksgiving a holiday?

#8 Does Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving?

#9 How many million pumpkin pies are estimated to be eaten on Thanksgiving?

#10 “Jingle Bells” was originally


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