The Big Flower Fight Netflix Quotes: Colorful And Stylish!

The Big Flower Fight quotes are coming from a competition that all participants invest their hearts in flowers.

They turn flowers into giant sculptures. An art that is so colorful and stylish.

Here are some bright quotes from The Big Flower Fight Netflix series:

The Big Flower Fight Netflix Quotes

Ten pairs of amateur floral sculptors from around the world are coming together to battle it out!

Teams will create supersized structures festooned with flowers and foliage.

I want this giant structures to be colorful, I want them to be beautiful, and bigger than big than big.

Every challenge, someone will win best in bloom.

I asked for character. I didn’t ask for sloppy.

This is stress planting. There is stress eating, but this feels like stress planting.

This is like a flower fight!

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