High-Calorie Days!

Staying fit in winter is a challenge for many people.

  • Winter is long.
  • Winter hides the belly.
  • Winter encourages us to store fat.
  • Winter makes us lazy.
  • Summer seems to be so far away that we are open to many food mistakes.

So how can we stay fit in winter?

staying fit in winter

Let It Rain To Stay Fit In Winter

Everyone is eating them right. In your workplace, in your school, in your social life, all that hamburgers, pizzas, pasta, cakes… 

Let them rain. Let them come like an army and pass you by like a silent cat. You are more powerful than you think. You know that if you join the junk food army and get wet under the acid rain, you will be burned. You will be so much burned that it will take months or even years to lose those kilos again.

You will stay fit in winter. Let it rain!

And Sometimes Have A Day Like This To Stay Fit In Winter!

You need a break sometimes. Robots can continue to do the same thing forever but you can’t. If you plan your “mistake”, it will be fun and help you to fight with the long winter months emotionally.

Partying once in a while is an enemy of winter blues and winter depression and helps you to stay fit in winter. 

Dream About Summer To Stay Fit In Winter

Dreaming about summer is one of the most effective ways to stay fit in winter. The days will pass and summer will come. You will swim, party at the beach, camp with your friends… Dreaming about summer activities is a huge motivation because you know that you want to look good under the sun.

Maybe you can find your best summer photos and put them everywhere in your house. Seeing those photos will stop you from ordering a supersize pizza. Wrong?

Winter Burnout Is The Enemy of Staying Fit In Winter

You can think like, “summer parties are over and now it’s time to focus on my career.” Yes, wintertime is the best time to work, study and take important steps for our lives. But if you work and study too much you will soon reach the point of burnout. 

Burnout is unproductivity for you, meaning, your long winter months will not bear fruit.

So, “work more, work now, work even harder…” is not a good idea. You need breaks. A lot of breaks to stay fit in wintertime… 

Go Sports And Stay Fit In Winter!

It is obvious. No brainer!

If we don’t make any sports in those long months, we will be in trouble with our brand new kilograms.

Should we write “Go Sports!” and stick it to the walls and doors of our house. How can we remember this? What about a tattoo saying “stay fit in winter” :)

Winter Blues Is Another Enemy of Staying Fit In Winter

Feeling sad is very common in winter months even if you have no serious problems in your life. 

“Sun is gone, nature is dead, cold out there, fast food helps, more soap opera, less communication, friends are frozen in winter anyway…”

These thoughts will take you from winter blues to winter depression. You should break this routine by just going out there, seeing your friends, having a winter hobby, finding a way to socialize…

Winter blues sing sad songs and you don’t need sad songs in your life. Staying emotionally and physically fit is not possible by listening to sad songs. We need happy songs! 

Just Walk If You Hate Sports

Walking for 30 minutes is not that hard right? Let’s accept, it is doable every day. If you hate sports, this is your way out. 

These 30 minutes walks will save you from the winter monster and help you not to gain more weight. It is also good for your psychology and good for staying fit in winter.

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