The Eddy Netflix Quotes: Sharp and Emotional!

The Eddy quotes are coming from the very center of life.

A man who is trying hard to run his jazz club to give a better life to his daughter, his band, and himself.

But business is dangerous. Especially if you owe money to the bad guys of the nightlife!

Here are some sharp quotes from The Eddy Netflix series:

The Eddy Netflix Quotes

You were pretty fantastic tonight. First time I’ve seen my club full.

Your club has debts. Your club has big problems.

– Why don’t you want to come home?

– New York isn’t my home anymore.


– What is the problem?

– Nobody is having fun!


– We can’t afford to be bad.

– We can’t afford to be empty!

There are people who are depending on that club…

This is all I’ve got. You understand? This is it.

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