This Is Not Fun!

AI is coming. Coming fast! We shared here lots of stories about artificial intelligence taking over jobs. But which jobs are at stake? Who should start to worry now?

Writing about the “disappearance” of jobs is not fun. People will have to invest in different careers.

The Jobs That AI Hates And Will Take Over First

This is not easy for many of us because we just don’t have the time to start a new life. We have to work to pay our rent and bills.

But still, we can’t escape from the facts. Let’s talk about the first jobs that artificial intelligence is after…  


Not that fast for many lawyers. Most of the lawyer jobs are safe for now. But it seems that life will be harder for lawyers who are specialized in preparing contracts because AI will be in the game very soon.


We all know about self-driven cars now and it’s not a surprise for many people that Uber will come and take us from our homes with no one in the driver’s seat. This is not a science fiction thing anymore and we all got used to the idea. 

But what about Uber drivers, taxi drivers, company drivers? Are they ready for the change? Can these people be employed in other industries? 


Translators also already know that robots are on their way. And they will not pull out. Some translation jobs are safe for now like “political translation”. But many daily translation jobs can easily be taken over by robots and this will have a huge impact in a forty billion dollar industry.

Delivery Workers

Not only delivery robots but also drones started to carry cargo nowadays. Do you think that this will slow down? No, of course, more and more robots will be involved and we will see fewer and fewer humans in this industry. 

Only the food delivery industry alone is a $100 billion industry. How these new “fancy” robots will affect the lives of people who work in these industries and what will happen to their jobs?


This already happened. We don’t see cashiers in most of the supermarkets. But what will happen to jobs in bookstores, museum shops, stadium stores, anywhere we buy things? Do we really have a strategy?

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