"The Platform" netflix

“The Platform” is a nerve-racking psychological thriller movie.

It basically summarizes today’s world with a very simple example:

We have scarce resources (food), so do you want to eat or be eaten?

Make your choice!

Eat or Be Eaten The Platform Netflix

The elevator (the platform) symbolizes the system that we are living in:

Food is up, death is down.

And you have to go up to have a better life. You are now forced to do whatever it takes to create a chance to go up. Whatever it takes! 

The movie stresses the idea that if rich people stop consuming 99% of the resources today, majority of the population might have a better chance to have a “less risky” life. Rich, of course, do not and will not share what’s in their pockets. So, people living on the “upper floors” are endlessly greedy and they will never think about the people “below”. Do not wait for a better future!

And if you “fall”, the system is ready to eat you alive!

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