The world can’t talk. If it could talk, it would ask us to resign. Our old pal is fed up with cleaning after us. 

And we never talk about the “real problems”. We love to act like nothing’s wrong with the world in which we are living.

The Problem With The World

The Problem With The World: Lack of Social Entrepreneurship

the problem with the world

We need social entrepreneurship. All startups don’t have to be growing monsters. We tell the startups: 

“Hey, grow fast or you are out of the game!” 

So, all they care about is growth and funding. 

Do we have to do this? Don’t we need entrepreneurs who also have emotional skills to change the world in a better way? These people are recoverers. They can “cure” what their elders abused. Like nature, society, happiness…  

Investors want their money back as soon as possible, I know, but we built this game. We wrote the rules. We should change the funding game. Angel investors have to earn their names now. 

(We started to change the funding game by creating crowdfunding platforms but they are still weak. We need to change the mentality of the “big money”.) 

So, why don’t we have social entrepreneurship classes starting from high schools?  

The problem with the world is that there are not enough young social entrepreneurs in the big city jungles.

The Problem With The World: The Lonely Science

The problem with the world is we desperately need social entrepreneurs who are interested in science projects and we desperately need scientists who care about social entrepreneurship.

Or we need both!

We need to pair up science and social entrepreneurship to make the world a better place. Simple as that.  

No, social entrepreneurs are not wild capitalists, or scientists are not nerds. These people can come together and make joint projects. Or they can be one person! Yes, a scientist can be a social entrepreneur.

I guess we need to change our education system to get there.

The Problem With The World: The Lonely Art

The same problem with art. 

We need to pair up art with social entrepreneurship. 

Yes, artists can be social entrepreneurs or they can collaborate with social entrepreneurs.

No, artists are not weird people. They don’t belong to another world. Or artists are not holy. And art is not blessed.

Art moves us. That’s what it does. It makes us question ourselves and the world we are living in. And artists work hard to make this happen. It is a career choice and of course, it deserves respect like every other job.

But putting art in an unreachable and untouchable place in society is a big mistake. This also prevents young people to choose art schools because they see their futures at stake. The future of work is cloudy for them. Work stress breathes like a monster in their chest long before they start to work.

“Art doesn’t get along with money” you hear this before, right? This is a weak argument in today’s world. Art schools should teach social entrepreneurship and make peace with earning money. These smart people have a lot to give to the world. With that high emotional intelligence, they can be the starters of many revolutionary projects. 

The problem with the world is that it has angels or devils, it doesn’t have normal people. Every group sees each other as “aliens”. We need normal people who can collaborate with each other peacefully. 

The Problem With The World: Lack of Collaboration

Why is it so hard?

Why collaborating with other people or with another team is troublesome to us?

Because we love rat race.

We are trained for it.

The problem with the world is it loves breaking hands instead of shaking hands.

So we need to change something here right? Where do we start?

Turn The Schools Upside Down

Like in the “scientist and entrepreneur” example above, schools are responsible for all the negative outcomes that we are experiencing right now. The problem with the world is it has schools with no vision.

I don’t want to repeat “schools kill creativity” cliche. They do much worse than that. Schools make curious and passionate people indifferent and halfhearted in a couple of years.

Schools kill the act of dreaming.

Don’t blame teachers for that. Teachers can’t change schools. We need to demand change. We need to shout and ask. 

Let’s first agree on this: We don’t want “future-blind” schools right?

Then we should start to talk about it. Today!

The Problem With The World: Unhappy Teachers

The problem with the world is that it has unhappy teachers.

Teachers should earn more than deputies in any country. They should have any tools to start a creativity fire in young brains. 

Teachers should be able to start the change by talking with parents and make them dream about a better education system…

2 Trillion Dollar Course

The problem with the world is that it misses a required course.

There should be a course like this at every school in the world:

“Developed countries: How can we make them eager for the goodness of the developing countries?”

The first paragraph of the coursebook can start like this: 

“You can’t dump millions of tonnes of toxic waste to Africa and stay healthy in your own country. The whole ecosystem is connected. If the sea or the air or the soil is polluted in Africa, you are also in trouble. The pollution will come and find you. You can’t escape from it.”

Seriously, we globally have almost 2 trillion dollars yearly budget for war but we don’t have a bowl of soup for the poor country’s children?

I found another name for the course:

“How do we give birth to nations that want the goodness of the rest of the world?” 

Schools, you should have this course. The world needs this course badly. We do need this course. Or we will never wake up!

The Problem With The World: Paid Education and Healthcare

Education and healthcare should be free. Globally. To everyone. Without question. Without borders. 

The problem with the world is that we the people of the world think that free education and healthcare is financially impossible. We also always think that good things have impossible budgets. But we have a huge budget for the ugliest thing in the world (war) as mentioned above – 2 trillion dollars yearly! This money can give the best education and healthcare to the people of the world.

We are the ones who pay taxes. All we need to do is to ask for it and choose the right politicians that don’t go after stupid wars. A better world is only possible with the right choices.

Still Borders, Passports, Visas?

We all came from Africa thousands of years ago and we are all from the same family.

Technically we are sisters and brothers.

We think that we own a specific location in the world. But, we don’t. The land is nobody’s. It belongs to nature. Like we do.

Socially Disadvantaged People

If there are socially disadvantaged people in the society we are responsible for this. There is no one else to blame. 

The problem with the world is: Who really cares?

We need to make this our top priority if we want a peaceful world.

So I guess we need another course in our schools:

“Socially advantaged people: How can we make them eager for the goodness of the socially disadvantaged people?”

I will also change the second course name:

“How do we give birth to people that want the goodness of the rest of the world?”

Global Rights For Every Living Thing

Why do we have separate rights for animals and humans? And why don’t we have rights for some “creatures” that we count neither human nor animal? What about trees?

We think that we are the center of the show. But we are not. Nature will teach us in time. Our time management skills are awful and we are bad students but we will learn anyway.

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