What Is Content Marketing?

Content is the language between you and me. 

If I was not writing this article now, you would never know me. 

“The content” brought you to me. 

Maybe it’s your first time on this site. If you find value here, you will check other posts. 

You will also check the homepage and you will find out that this site is created for people who want to live and work independently.

You will definitely remember this site if you want to live and work independently or if you are interested in this topic or if you already took some steps in this direction or if you already established your own business but you have some growth pains or if you are making tons of money with your independent business but you want to follow the trends.

If I continue to write useful articles and solve problems, you will follow me. You will sign up for my email list. You will check my Twitter account or Facebook page.

You will listen to me with all the communication tools. Why? Because I provide value. I give you new and useful information. I keep you one step ahead of the competition. So now you became a member of my community. 

You are going to ask me a question from social media. Or you will email me. Or you will attend one of my webinars. So there is a bridge now between you and me. We are connected.

The content strategy I’ve built made you my reader or network.

Our relationship will continue If continue to create quality content. You will bury me alive if I play with your time. I have to be useful to you consistently. 

And this is called Content Marketing.

Why Is Content Important To Build Your Own Business?

  1. Content will bring the customers to your door (site). Content is “free advertising”.
  2. With the content you create, your network will expand, you will meet with people you could never meet before, and you will increase your chance of sales.
  3. While you sleep, your content strategy talks. Your content reaches to people everywhere in the world 24/7 and creates new opportunities for you while you are dreaming.
  4. Providing value to your audience is only possible with quality content. This also the smartest way to explain the world, what your business is all about.  

How To Order Content For Blogs?

You do not have time to produce content. You need help with this. And you decided to order content. How will you do this?

You can order content from writers on Fiverr or Upwork.

You need to invest some time and energy to find the right person.

You also need to check the quality of the content and ask for revisions if there are problems on the text.

But this is the simplest way to order content if you don’t have anybody in your network who can do this for you.

How To Order Content For E-Shops?

There are two main ways to do this. The first one is to place the order in the traditional way, the Content Agency Method. The second one is to use a Content Platform.

Using the first method is very simple. When you type “content agency” to Google, dozens of results will come out. You will communicate with someone from the agency, explain your content needs and place the order at the given price. The advantage of this method is that it gives good results for orders in small quantities.

Using the second method, the Content Platform is a bit more detailed. The Content Platforms do not have authors and editors in their bodies. They work with thousands of freelancers who are registered in their system. All these people receive tasks via the system.

These platforms are more advantageous to place orders in large quantities.

For example, you need 5000 product descriptions. Content platforms can produce this content with optimum quality and much faster than the agencies.

To place an order from platforms, you need to fill out the content order form on their sites (or if they have “self-service”, you can create your own order on their sites and use their writer and editor crowd to produce content.)

When you fill out their content order form, an expert calls you, learns your content needs, and sends you an excel table for you to fill out. You will provide them your Target URL’s, Source URL’s, sample text, domain address, focus keywords and sub-keywords.

After completing this process, they will upload this excel table into their system and their crowd will start to write and edit the tasks you have created. Your order will be completed generally in two weeks.

Content Ordering Tactics

You want to buy blog posts, product descriptions, category texts for your online business… Be careful before you order: 

  1. Ask to see previously produced samples.
  2. Request sample texts for your products. (not likely for blog posts)
  3. Find out if you have an unlimited revision right. 
  4. Find out if they use a plagiarism check tool. (for e-commerce orders)
  5. Ask how long does it take to receive your content. 

Content Strategy Mistakes For Online Businesses

Don’t make these content mistakes if you want to be successful online:

  1. Boring texts who are written by “wrong” professionals.
  2. Treat content projects as a burden.
  3. Act like you know everything about content.
  4. The tightest budget for content creation and big big budgets for all sorts of ads.
  5. Love duplicate content. (And wait for Google to kill your site – not softly)

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