The Woods Netflix: Very Puzzled Bloody History

The Woods Netflix quotes are coming from a Polish crime TV drama series that is about disappeared kids years ago in the forest.

The dust on the puzzling deaths is so thick that, one has to devote his life to uncover the truth and find peace. The dialogues are dramatic and intense since the story is touchy.  

Here are some quotes from The Woods Netflix series:

The Woods Netflix Quotes

In 1994, the summer was about to end. The camp I was a chaperone closed tragically.

Four kids enter the woods one night and they never came back! Two bodies were found shortly after.

The other two bodies were never found and one of the missing ones is my sisters.

My sister did not die in the woods that summer!

Kamila is a live. I can feel it!

I wanna know what really happened in those woods.

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