Time Management Is A?

Time management is a black hole. 

We either enjoy flying in it’s seconds, minutes, days and years or we get lost in it’s eternity.

Not to be lost, let’s talk about time management tips for work today. Why don’t we save time at work and spend those valuable hours with our loved ones?

Let’s get started.

Time Management Tips Get Your Clock Listen To You Now

Do You Love Your Time?

Time management is not a punishment. Planning is boring when you do it involuntarily.

Try to understand how much time you can save for yourself and where you can use this time that you earned. This will make you another person.

If you can steal two hours a day from time eaters, you can use this time with your loved ones. 

In this case, your time management skills will give you roughly 7300 hours in 10 years.     

How valuable are 7300 hours to you?

This is almost an entire year. Saving a year. This is big. Give this one year to your family or your friends. Give this one year to the road and travel the world. Give this one year to entrepreneurship and build your own brand.

Can you save 3 hours a day and give yourself 10950 hours in 10 years?

Time management is not about being handcuffed. It is freedom if you use it right.

Skype Meetings Are Life Savers

You took the subway and then you took a taxi and you made it to your potential client’s office where you spent one hour with bullshit. 

You took the taxi again and then you took the subway again… and half of the day is gone. Plus, you don’t have your morning energy anymore.  

If the meeting is not important, make it Skype. You will know when the meeting is important. And you won’t feel like a fool even if you spend half of the day for this meeting because you know that it’s worth it. Time management hates unnecessary offline meetings.

Find Extra Time

Can you have 25 hours in a day?

Or 26?

If you can find extra time, you will feel like The Wizard of Time.

Subways, buses, waiting rooms, waiting lines are the places we chew time like gum.

Doing “something” in these places will give us extra hours in a day. For example, reading work-related articles, preparing to-do lists, scheduling can be done in these hours.

Time management loves to “recycle” passive hours.

You Don't Have A Millon Things To Do

No, you don’t have a million things to do. You only have one or two or three important things to do in a day. The rest is mickey mouse.

If you see the “milky way galaxy” when you check your calendar, you are in big trouble. No one can handle all the tasks in the world. Your perception is broken. You are tired. You need to rest.

Take a day or a couple of days off. Don’t think about all of these. Have a great time with your loved ones. And when you turn back to your work table, just know that you only have one or two or three important things to do in a day. 

Forget about the million.

Tell Everyone You Need To Focus

Lack of concentration eats from working hours and damages time management plans seriously. 

Offices are crowded and noisy. Visitors, online meetings, chit chats…

If you need to focus on a very important task, tell this to everyone in your room. This will at least stop the visits to your desk and might turn the “volume” down a bit.

The best alternative is to find a silent room and work there without being distracted. 

Is Technology Enemy or Friend of Time Management?

You can use time management tools and make technology work for you. 

Or you can create an enemy called “technology” and be lost in it’s maze.

If you don’t like to plan, technology is ready out there to confuse you. 

It only works for people who know where they are heading.

Time management hates the misuse of technology.


People generally ask me about shortcuts in life. 

I think they actually wonder if I ever invented the teleportation machine. They want to get beamed up to success!

I love to say, there are no shortcuts to beauty.

If you have a big goal, know that you will have sleepless nights, and endless days to reach that goal.

If you don’t like to work for it, then you don’t love it.

In this case, find something that you can work for blindly. 

Time is not a problem for people who are in love. They work 24/7 but they don’t count these as work hours. They even work in their sleep.

So, love is the biggest time management skill.

Count Weather In

Bad weather is a time killer if you are not a good planner. You have an important meeting at 10 AM and you couldn’t catch a taxi for forty-five minutes because it is raining cats and dogs and all the taxis are taken.

Losing important working hours by not checking “today’s weather or tomorrow’s weather” will result in working overtime. Time management means weather management sometimes.

Don't Overload Your Schedule

If you feel a tightness in your chest when you check your calendar, then you need to stop accepting more work.

“Being damn busy” has nothing to do with productivity.

“Having tons of things to finish” won’t make you more efficient.

Taking on more work than you can handle is also a sign of weak work-life balance which will end up with burn out. You can also burn your calendar after that point because you won’t be able to work. Not a single second.

Sleep Like There Is No Tomorrow

Having a healthy sleep routine is important for time management.

If you are a morning person, you should wake up early and finish the hardest tasks in the morning.

If you are a night person, you should finish all the unimportant tasks during the day so that you can concentrate on your real tasks at night.

In both cases, you should have 7-8 hours of sleep.

Make A Plan And Start Early

Today you received an important project that you have to finish in six months. 

Making a plan and starting early is wise because important projects create work stress over time.  

Time management, in this case, will give you a strong hand. Since you started early, you will create a good project and you will finish it before the deadline.

Be Careful With Time Eaters

You are using social media for work. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… Be careful with them. They can easily eat up half of the working day and you won’t feel a single bite until you check the time.

After work, you should be careful with TV, Netflix, and the internet. Don’t let them eat up your socializing hours and sleeping hours.

Breathe Between Tasks

Finishing a task deserves a break.

Jumping from one task to another will be boring after some time. It’s also a productivity killer. 

To be more productive, give five minutes or ten minutes breaks and enjoy your breaks to the fullest. Recharge your batteries. 

And when you are ready, start the new task with a big bang :)

Healthy Life Style Brings Success

Eating healthy, being active, staying fit, sleeping well…

Having a healthy lifestyle makes you a positive and energetic person.

It is easier for you to be productive and creative under these circumstances.   

You are a natural born planner and you won’t let time eaters steal your life from you.

Being Perfect Takes Time

Being perfect doesn’t only take time but it also steals time from you.

Being a perfectionist is also eating you up alive.

I am not saying that you should be average in whatever you do in this life. I am just saying that being a perfectionist for a meaningless task is not wise.

Hunter animals are perfectionists and they wait for hours for the right move because they need to eat at the end of the day. 

Be a perfectionist only when you wear your hunter clothes. 

Be a perfectionist only when it’s worth it.

Don't Risk Your Next Task

When you can’t finish a task before the deadline and you keep working on it, you are taking the risk to be unsuccessful with your other tasks.

Setting a time limit for every task is important. If you can’t finish it, either the planning or the deadline is wrong. Don’t be lost in this task. You can check it and find the problem later. It’s always better to move to another important task in this case.

Changing projects will also help you think clearly and find solutions easier since thinking about the same thing for a long time can make you blind.  

Time Management By Prioritization

Which task is more important to you today?

Picking up the right task at the right time plays a key role in effective time management.

Let’s create a prioritization example of time management. Below you will see six topics that you have to handle today. 

  1. Writing ten emails
  2. Updating social media company pages
  3. Team meeting 
  4. Answering Linkedin messages
  5. Daily tasks
  6. Finishing the sales report

Which one should you start with? 

The answer is very easy. You should start with the one that will give you the biggest headache if you don’t finish it before the deadline.

Let’s say you prepare a quarterly sales report and the deadline is tomorrow. Then your number one priority is this sales report. That’s it. If you start your day with emails, team meetings, and Linkedin messages, you will be in trouble at the end of the day.

Time management hates “wrong” tasks.

Time Tells Lies

A boring task took 100 hours to finish.

A lovely task took 30 minutes to finish.

Same task, different people. 

One of them loved the task, the other one hated it. 

Actually, both people finished the same task in 3 hours but the feeling is different. If you love the task it’s 30 minutes to you. If you hate the task it’s 100 hours to you.

I know I mentioned this one before but I really want to repeat it. Doing what you love in this life makes you a time magician. 

Love is the biggest time management skill you can ever build. After this point, time will always be on your side.

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