IAmInYourShoes Short Story

There was a man called Tomorrow. 

No one knew his last name. 

No one saw him. 

He lived one year ahead of all the people in the world. 

But somehow everybody knew him as “tomorrow is another day”.

tomorrow is another day

People talked to him every day, even though they did not see his face. Tomorrow could hear them from tomorrow. It was like talking to God. One-sided conversation.

People mostly talked about money with Tomorrow. Some people talked about health, some people talked about love, some people talked about revenge. “Tomorrow is another day…”.

Tomorrow was only listening. Since he was living in tomorrow, he knew what was going to happen in the lives of these people. He was hearing all the bla bla from a year ago, and he was watching that bla bla evolving into something else. “Tomorrow is another day…”.

Being one year ahead was magic because people were generally making one-year plans. In the new year, they were talking with Tomorrow and they were saying that “This year I want this and that…”. And they strictly followed up their wishes by talking with Tomorrow every day. “Tomorrow is another day…”.

One day, Tomorrow saw an international forum for the governments from many countries while he was wandering around in Osaka. He couldn’t get near the event because of crowd control barriers. But he understood that those same politicians were reelected and they will rule the world with the same politics at least for one more year.

Tomorrow walked to one of the oldest stores in Osaka and he bought a special Tantō. Tantō is a traditional Japanese knife that was used by the samurai class of feudal Japan.

As he walked out of the store, without hesitating a second, Tomorrow grabbed his Tantō and stabbed himself from his heart. This knife was also used to perform Seppuku which is Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. 

Because Tomorrow did nothing wrong to restore honor for himself, he chose his heart to die. This was also a message to the world. 

“You are not only killing tomorrow. You are also killing hope!”. 

Osaka was bloody. Within minutes there was no tomorrow left. All the people felt the death of Tomorrow. 

It was a mass in any part of the world. Panic took over. People felt that their tomorrow was slipping through their fingers. Looting has started. People burned the streets and stole anything they could find. Cities became a wreck in a couple of hours and there was no hope left until they receive a new declaration from the world governments.

“Tomorrow is dead. But this doesn’t mean that our civilization is dead. Starting tomorrow, we will build a better tomorrow. Mr. Five will take over the position and everything will be better than today. Now, turn back to your homes and take care of your daunted children. Tomorrow is another day.”  

There really was a new man in the town. His name was Five. No one knew his surname. No one saw him. This man started to live five years ahead of all the people in the world after the death of Tomorrow. 

Everybody heard about him. They started to talk to him every day even though they did not see him. “Tomorrow is another day,” they told themselves. Five could hear them from tomorrow. It was like talking to God. One-sided conversation…

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