Well, Anyway, Good Luck With Your Travel Quiz!

It’s the travel quiz time. 

The money you spent on flights, tours, museums, hotels… will pay off now. 

Or should we say, the books you read…

Either you are a globetrotter or a bookworm, all this “world knowledge” will turn into fun now with this IAmInYourShoes travel test :)

Travel Quiz

This test is also not that difficult if you just like reading encyclopedia. Good luck and have fun!

#1 Which one is smaller in km²?

#2 Where is the village which is just called A?

#3 Which country has 180.000 islands?

#4 Russia is bigger than Pluto!

#5 Which one is further south?

#6 Which one is further north?

#7 Which one covers more time zones?

#8 Jet lag is worse if

#9 99% of Libya is desert!

#10 During a normal flight, the temperature outside your plane is around

#11 Where can you visit a new beach every day for over 27 years?

#12 The northern hemisphere is home to

#13 The Canary Islands are named after

#14 Which three countries don’t use the metric system?

#15 Which one is the most populated city?

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